Did You Hear About This Truck Driver Who Used a Fishing Line to Beat the GWB's Tolls? | spoiled NYC

A truck driver has been arrested after police said he rigged his truck with fishing line to hide his license plate as he drove through E-ZPass tolls without paying.

Javier Marte, 41, of Yonkers, now faces multiple charges after he was stopped by police on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday night, NJ.com has reported.

Around 7:15 p.m., an official spotted the suspect driving a tractor trailer with no front plate and the rear plate bent to avoid being readable by security cameras, according to ABC

When the E-ZPass sign indicated that he had not paid the toll, Marte was pulled over, and police discovered the fishing line.


"The vehicle's front plate was rigged on a hinge with monofilament fishing line that ran into the cab... 


It ended on the dash where the suspect could control it to conceal the plate [pull it up out of view], and then restore the plate into view after exiting the toll and security cameras," a statement from police spokesman Joe Pentangelo was quoted by NJ.com.

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