Artists find ways to revitalize and inspire. All over New York, you can see the work of many budding artists as well as those more experienced. Art unifies and uplifts the community. We are thankful for the artists that breathe life into our districts using business spaces as canvasses for their multicultural expression. This is what the Culture LP is all about.

The Culture LP, otherwise known as CLP, is a community of artists, musicians, and educators who are partnered with the Local Development Corporation of East New York and the NYC Department of Small Business Services. The Gates of Atlantic project, curated by ‚ÄčCierra Britton‚Äč, was confronted by scheduling issues due to the current pandemic, and this included the postponement of their previously scheduled launch in May of 2020.

This undertaking is centered on the empowerment of communities of color and all of the art and artists‚ÄĒall of which are either of African American or Latinx descent‚ÄĒreflect this endeavor.

The featured artists and corresponding businesses are:

‚óŹEgypt‚Äč, Graffiti Egypt for ‚ÄčBaybee Lounge DayCare

‚óŹThee Prince Melo‚Äč for ‚ÄčBKLYN Eats‚Äč and BKLYN Juice Bar

‚óŹBianca Romero‚Äč for ‚ÄčAAMCO Transmission‚Äč and ‚ÄčEZ Pawn Corp

‚óŹJanel Young‚Äč for the ‚ÄčGardenia Flower Shop

‚óŹAngel‚Äč and ‚ÄčJose‚Äč for ‚ÄčLa Mexicana Hidalguense

‚óŹJordan Moss‚Äč for ‚ÄčMarien Grocery

‚óŹQuiana Parks‚Äč for the BKNY Printing

This exhibition has already garnered a lot of attention and praise from both the businesses involved, the community that surrounds them, and even garnered the attention of some congressional leaders. The re-scheduled exhibition officially debuted for the public on August 10th and will run from Georgia Avenue to Warwick Street along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

For information and updates on‚Äč Gates of Atlantic‚Äč‚Äč, follow the hashtag #GatesOfAtlantic on all social platforms, and follow The Culture LP on Instagram (‚Äč@theculturelp‚Äč).

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