Wanna get a burger and a brew somewhere in NYC? You're in luck! This city is peppered with pubs, restaurants, and dives serving up both in a mundane fashion. 

But what about those who refuse to accept the norm, desiring something more unique in every aspect of their lives, including a mere burger and drink?

Enter The Burgery and its sister speakeasy, Garfunkels, hidden behind bank vault doors above the unassuming burger joint. 

These two spots co-habitate the same location on 67 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side, offering patrons the option of a casual pub atmosphere or a more upscale mixology bar. 

Gothamist reports that the owners, Tim Gashi and Valentino Gjekaj are longtime friends, who felt the need for "something straightforward and simple." 

The Burgery occupies the lower level, serving burgers like the "Lower Eastsider," made with prime burger beef with pastrami, gruyere, and Pickle Guys sour pickles on a toasted rye roll with horseradish mustard. 

Just be sure to start with some "Tater Totchos," with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeño, and black beans all for $10. 


The Burgery is serving up some craft beers, house wines, and delicious cocktails, but nothing compared to the spot directly above the space. 

If you're feelin' fancy, head upstairs, through bank vault doors, and grab yourself fancier libations. Of course, we'd recommend making a reservation for your spot in the seating-room-only area. 

Mainly because you'll then receive an access code to obtain entry into the space. 

Just don't try to use the code the following day, or you'll be sh*t outta luck, as it changes nightly. 

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy BedfordandBowery]