If you haven't followed HBO's absolutely sensational fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, well, you're approaching the window where you can comfortably binge all you need to before the new season starts up April 24th. 

Five seasons, 50 episodes, a million people that get wine drunk, sexed up, and brutally raped and/or murdered... Okay, so none of that sounds like the perfect recipe for a binge, let alone something to Netflix & Chill too. 

If you're already caught up and in-and-out of love with one the greatest TV epics of all-time, make sure you get to Union Square March 15th. According to DNAinfo, HBO's got something planned. 

They reported an HBO spokeswoman confirming that the network had something planned, but in the masterful way HBO's kept virtually every unresolved cliffhanger unspoiled throughout production, would not go into specifics. 

If you thought you could just go to the New York City Parks Department and get more info, well, they're playing a similar game of "Let no thing spoil anything" and deferring back to HBO for details. 

It's like asking Mom if you can stay up late and watch TV, she tells you to ask Dad, and then Dad tells you to go ask your mother. Thanks guys. You're a real help. 

On the other hand, the Community Board was not so tight lipped about it. If you check out an item on their March calendar it reads: "Application to hold 'Game of Thrones - Dragon Landing Event,' a promotional installation in Union Square Park that will make it look as if a dragon had landed on the North Plaza."

So much for nothing unspoiled. 


But who knows to what extent Westeros will come to Union Square? We know more about that than we do about season 6. 

If you're one of those people who believes you should read all of the books before you even think about watching the show, give up. It'll never happen. Even if it does, all roads end the same way because season 6 will lead off with everybody on the same page, so to speak. 

There are no more books to read right now, and essentially all of the books' major plot points have unfolded on TV already. While we would never implore you not to read a book, we're going to say that spending hours reading thousands of pages for the "real" experience-- well, you end up in the same place.

So, remember to make your way to Union Square March 15th and see what exactly HBO's brought from Westeros to New York City. Then, make sure you check out new episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO or HBO Now starting Sunday, April 24th. 

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[via DNAinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Collider]