7 Things We Learned from Sunday's 'Game of Thrones'

What is hype may never die.

It looks like the worldwide phenomenon that is Game of Thrones is coming to an end (in the next couple of years), but the show has managed to find a new fan during season as well.

Fresh out of jail, Gucci Mane has quickly found a love for popular series. Now, under house arrest, Gucci has become the Brrrreaker of Chains and is showing his love via his Snapchat. If that's not the single most inspiring story in American culture right now, we don't really know what is. 

Well, Gucci, we got just the recap for you because, after all, Winter is coming. Brrrrrr.

Last week, we saw the return of Westeros' favorite chicken eating, wine drinking, lovable maniac The Hound. We also saw his old companion, Arya Stark, get a belly full of knife wounds from the T-1000 of Braavos.

This week, we see the two do work and find a new purpose for themselves as well as a whole bunch of moments that got us pumped and a moment that is going to test our hype - we mean faith.

1. The Hound prefers chickens and at least cutting off one hand

Sandor Clegane carried this episode like it was a giant tree he just cut down. Last week, he saw the person who basically saved his life hung from the top of church he was building with a small settlement.

This week, The Hound killed three Brotherhood members right off the bat and made one realize he was terrible at dying before ending him as well. That's one way to serve up justice.

Later in the episode he met up with the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Beric Dondarrion, who he's killed before, but thanks to the Lord of Light via Thoros of Mhyr or something he came back much like Jon Snow.


Thankfully, Beric allowed the Hound to get his vengeance by hanging the baddies who slaughtered the small community and shared his meat with him as well. 

The main thing here is that they both told the Hound that there is something big coming (when isn't there?), that a man like the Hound is around for a reason, and that he must join them in the wars to come. 

We know there are still wars to come. Everybody says that. The Hounds interest in those wars? We don't really know what his motivations are at this point in his second life. 

2. Book readers have lost a lot of hype


With the Hound stumbling upon Beric and his ragtag team of misfits, a lot of people expected another character to come back as well. 

We'll spare you the nitty-gritty details, but a certain someone that died quite some time ago is with Beric in the books. We hoped they'd be featured, but as they weren't seen last episode, many are left to believe that they're just not coming back at all.

That wasn't the first major blow to the hype-train in the episode either. Earlier, King Tommen announced that there will be no more trial by combats meaning his mother, Cersei, will face old-school judgement for her crimes.

Why is this a big deal?

Well, for a long time everyone knew Frankenstein Mountain was going to be Cersei's champion in the trial. The big question was who was going to be the Faith's champion. A lot of people expected The Hound to be their champ because he was literally just seen working with a Faith congregation an episode earlier. 

The whole event was dubbed "Cleganebowl" across the Internet, and if you don't think those two brothers, with such a brutal, insane history, fighting each other to the death isn't the coolest thing ever, then you don't know what hype is.

But, still, many are clinging onto that hype.

3. Jaime's still ride or die for fam

Without his sword hand, Jaime is going to need to get clever to ever really play the game of thrones. Of course, his participation in this game is tethered to a much different goal. Rather than sit on the Iron Throne, he's just tryin' to do whatever he can to get back the love of his life, Cersei. His sister. 

So, Jaime very boldly released Edmure Tully, his MVP (most valuable prisoner), to take back the castle that is rightfully his. The plan worked without a hitch and Edmure kicked out his black sheep uncle, the Blackfish, and then Edmure handed (teehee) over the castle to Jaime.

Easy right? And all it took was Jaime threatening to throw the son Edmure's never met over to the castle via catapult. If it's something worth doing for love, we already know that Jaime's down to do absolutely anything and everything (just ask Bran about his legs). 

4. The Waif is a Terminator

A girl practically wasted two seasons...

Arya killed the Waif who tried to kill her last episode, and now, after all of this bullsh*t, she is going home. All it took was a way-too-long chase sequence with weird side-eye shots of The Waif looking like a Terminator, and the blowing out of a candle before Arya sliced up the Waif in the dark. 

After all of that, she tells her mentor that she's not nobody, but she's somebody. J'aqen, what's your deal? What's the actual sell here? What's the value, intrinsic or otherwise, of being faceless? 

Let's hope Arya took a few face-masks to help her get back to taking names off that list of hers.

5. Dragon CGI is hella expensive

The Masters with their ships that throw fireballs rolled squad deep to Meereen politely asking for their property back. Now, slavery was supposed to end a few years down the line, so it kind of made sense for them to roll up asking for their people back. 

But then, and who the f*ck knows how, they just started hurling fireballs and all of a sudden Mereen was under siege. 

Worse than all of this, Dany flew in on a dragon to make an abrupt entry through the billowing curtains in time to maybe save the day. Worse how? Oh, Drogon just kind of flies off (we only see a black silhouette in the distance) instead of burning down the ships already hurling burning sh*t at the city.

CGI's expensive. 

6. The Mountain is very handsy

We knew this about The Mountain before this episode, so we're really only putting this here because of this dope slow-motion murder video. 


Not sure if it's murder because, to be fair, this Faith goon did strike him with a spike. This was one of the few instances of self-defense. 

7. Secrets don't make friends

It's no secret that each character has secrets in Game of Thrones. This week we found out that Tyrion's BFF, Varys, is headed off on a secret mission to Westeros. Maybe he bumps into the Greyjoys and gets Dany her ships?

We also learned Qyburn has something up his giant sleeves and found out a rumor (what rumor? Who knows) is much more than a rumor. Does he have some sort of surprise witness for the upcoming trial? Or maybe his little birds are simply chirping too much. Did he get more plums? 

Did he find a secret stash of wildfire (as depicted in Bran's chaotic vision a few episodes ago, an explosion in King's Landing that hasn't yet occurred on the show and never did in the books...)? Qyburn: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

Whatever these secrets are, these next two episodes are gonna be wild.

We got the Bastardbowl to look forward to, and I've got my money that Team Jon is going to beat the spread, but take a heavy hit. One thing to remember is that in these major one-hour battles, someone always saves someone else. Littlefinger, anyone? This is starting to look like a pay-per-view and we can't wait.

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