#MedalCount: The 9 Funniest Memes From the Rio Olympics

We're totally bummed that the Olympics are over and we're going to have to wait four more years until the next one. Winter doesn't count. Yeah, we said it. 

It's not so much that we'll miss the sports– watching a bunch of people that physically capable when we can barely make it to the subway sans five cups of coffee gets kind of old– but that we'll miss the ambiance around the occasion.

Even if you know jacksh*t about any of the sports (please google race walking), in the digital age, you can do all of your spectating on the internet. You can just let a comedian explain everything to you or ignore the athletics all together in lieu of speculating on Olympians' sex lives.

Since this was a particularly eventful and at times, straight up weird, Olympics, the internet has been on their collective A-game. 

We've rounded up all the gold medalists.

 ... Just saying, meme-ing is totally an Olympic event we would stand behind.

1. #PhelpsFace

At two weeks old, this shot of Michael Phelps' best Anakin Skywalker impression is basically vintage.


But it was representative of a simpler, less confusing time in the Olympic games– that didn't involve public urination.

2. Michael Phelps' cupping marks

We were just glad to have an explanation, tbh.

3. We forgot this guy's name and we didn't bother to look it up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the last one with Michael Phelps, we swear.

4. Usain Bolt


via twitter

While #3 does make for a super inspirational poster, it's worth noting that sometimes, it doesn't f*cking matter where you focus because Usain Bolt is just that good.

You might've noticed that Ellen Degeneres got in on Usain Bolt's prime meme-ability too but we are literally not going anywhere near that for everyone's safety. You're welcome.

5. Katie Ledecky

As city folk, we are alarmed by the fact that elsewhere in the country, they are raising fish people.

6. Laurie Hernandez' wink

Be still our hearts. 

7. Tonga's Flag Bae– um Bearer

This is from the Opening Ceremony, but how could we ever forget this guy?

8. #GreenPool

You know you f*cked up when corporate Twitter shows up.


9. #LochteGate

Last and least. Sure, national embarrassment Ryan Lochte basically validated the world's hatred for Americans in one fell swoop but it made for some A+ meme-age. 

Anyway, he's just a kid. A 32- year old kid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Feature Image Courtesy twitter] 

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