This Late-Night French Fry Shop Is Now Officially Open in the East Village

Ah, good old french fries. 

This dish may be our standby side, but wouldn't it be a dream come true if they were the main event?

Now, they CAN be. 

There's a new, awesome way for you to satisfy your craving for crispy crunchy carbs coming to the East Village, and its name is FryGuys.

Yes, starting now, you can swing by 150 East Second Street and visit a shop dedicated entirely to hand-cut, seasoned, battered, Idaho-potato goodness.

You can order their classic, wavy, or sweet potato fries plain or choose from a bunch of delicious sauces like chipotle mayo, queso, or sriracha ketchup. 

Or go for one of their more ambitious loaded fry creations. These heaping 2-pound concoctions come bearing everything from fried chicken and maple gravy to guacamole and bacon and have punny names like "Southern Guy" and "Drunk Guy"—all for under $10.


And if you tend towards the drunk munchies after your weekend jaunts, this is the SPOT! The place is open 'til 2 a.m. on weeknights and 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights if you need a little sustenance to balance out that booze. We totes won't blame you for being a little tipsy when you stumble by. In times of trouble, it's "guys" like these that can really save the day.


To complete your gastronomic experience, feast your eyes on an action-packed atmosphere—disco balls dangling from the ceiling and walls of fun-filled technicolor murals. 

We definitely share the founders' philosophy: "Good fries make for a great life." 

Indeed, they do.

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