Indulge the Chilly: 8 Best Froyo Spots for 2018 in NYC 😍😋

It’s freezing cold outside, so naturally, the best idea is to embrace the cold.

We’re saying, ignore the ramen, sidestep the soup, and ditch the usual cold-weather comfort food for something a little more chilly.

National Frozen Yogurt Day happens February 6, in the dead of winter—because the food gods are weird—so we’re gonna help you get chilly with the best places in NYC to celebrate.

We did the research so you don’t have to. Just pick the closest to you and top with, well, everything.

1. Tasti D Lite


Some people save the best for last, but we say this not-quite-Froyo place deserves the first look on the list. Their flavors rotate regularly and they’re a bit on the healthier side without sacrificing flavor. 

Think Halo Top-ish but softer and in a self-serve store instead of a tub. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

2. 16 Handles


This much beloved Froyo chain has recently been adding a seventeenth handle to some of its stores with special flavors coming in and out in addition to its 16 regulars. 

They too have tons of toppings, so you can go crazy. They also have the option of making it into a milkshake because spoil yourself. 

3. YoArt Frozen Yogurt Boutique (1 W 59th Street)

YoArt at The Plaza Food Hall (Facebook)

This place serves the stuff you’d find in a museum. It’s almost too pretty to eat… almost. They’ve got a full fruit salad bar along with topping that looks like they could be bagged at Dylan’s Candy Bar. 

They also offer the option of having your yogurt served on freshly made waffles. And we mean the thick Belgian kind, not the thin cones.

4. Uptown Swirl (732 7th Avenue)


Uptown Swirl is a hole-in-the-wall tucked in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Times Square, but this hiding space doesn’t make it any less appealing. 

In addition to having inventive flavors like caramel corn—which is surprisingly authentic-tasting—they also offer froyo crepes, quite possibly one of the greatest ways to serve froyo ever.

5. Culture An American Yogurt Company (60 W 8th Street)


Another yogurt place on the fancier side, Culture emphasizes the use of live yogurt cultures using a mix of the best milks of all different types of fat. Their cultures are packed with probiotics and have properties to help those who are lactose intolerant, so basically anyone can eat it!

They also offer soups and smoothies and develop froyo and topping mixtures to celebrate holidays, like the Cupid’s Kiss, topped with red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and red velvet sauce.

6. Forty Carrots (1000 3rd Avenue, Bloomingdale's 7 Floor)


Providing sustenance to hangry shoppers flocking to the popular Bloomingdale’s location on the Upper East side, Forty Carrots is part-cafe, part-froyo shop.

They have a deal that’s basically a more expensive version of Wendy’s, where the purchase of a froyo—much like a frosty—comes with a two-item meal. You get to choose between soup, green salad, half sandwich or a 16-ounce freshly squeezed juice.

7. Pinkberry


We’d be remiss if we didn’t offer up Pinkberry as an option. Loyal fans of the brand would say it’s one of the healthiest and most easy-to-find options. 

Their flavors are more tart than sweet, their yogurt made with real milk and real yogurt, and their fruit hand-cut fresh daily. Quality in a chain is rarely recognized, but at Pinkberry, it shows.

8. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co (25 E 17th Street)


While technically not froyo and more soft-serve, Chloe’s has some amazingly froyo-like treats made entirely out of fruit. On the unhealthy side, they make waffles fresh to be used instead of bowls in case you want something more indulgent, but their frozen fruit flavors alone are more than worth a visit.

We recommend Crunchy Salty, with banana and dark chocolate soft serve fruit, sliced Bananas, crushed pretzels, dark chocolate chips, warm peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Now that you’re armed with some great options, go forth and froyo!

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