Have you ever looked for shapes in the clouds? Seen the face of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese, bowl of soup, or spelled out a call-to-satan with Alphabits? 

What about finding celebrity faces in... Cheetos?

Frito-Lay is currently running a contest to reward your imagination, awarding $10,000 to the finders of weirdly shaped Cheetos.

The grand prize winner, with the weirdest of the Cheetos, will be awarded an extra $50,000, making that $60,000 worth of cheesy reward.

According to the press release, the contest’s mission is to find the Cheeto Mona Lisa, and to eventually exhibit them online―as well as in an actual museum. 

Yup, we said it.


Eligibility to enter the contest requires you to be at least 13 years old. You can upload your Cheeto Lisa onto the Cheeto Museum website until August 15, 2016. Make sure you keep your Cheeto intact because they’ll need it for authentication purposes.

You have less than two weeks left! Buy in bulk.

[via Thrillest] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]