Thirteen years after the final season came to a heart-wrenching close, everyone's favorite inexplicably attractive and well off New York friend group is making a triumphant return... IN A MUSICAL!

That's right! Friends is the next beloved tv show to get the Off-Broadway treatment, from song-writing duo Bob and Tobly McSmith!

The creators of "Friends! The Musical!" are no strangers to pop culture parody, and have penned Off-Broadway hits like "90210! The Musical!", "Katdashian: The Musical!", "Full House! The Musical!", and the Saved By The Bell parody, "Bayside! The Musical!"

Tickets go on sale this June, and the show is set to debut this fall 2017 at the Triad Theater, right here in NYC of course.

Like their other shows, this production is v. unofficial, and v. protected by parody law, so don't be expecting a glorious transfer to a full-fledged Broadway production.

DO expect hilarity, cross-dressing, and (fingers crossed) guest appearances from former Friends cast members?! The McSmiths have convinced actual cast members from other productions to make cameo experiences in the spoof-icals, so we can only hope and wish and PRAY TO THE TV GODS they can pull it off for this show.

If you're not already excited enough, check out the hilarious list of song titles:


  • “The Only Coffee Shop in New York City”

  • “45 Grove Street – How Can We Afford This Place?”

  • “How you Doing, Ladies?”

  • “Hey Ugly Naked Guy Who Lives Across the Street!”

  • “We were on a Break!”

  • “I’m Gonna Hump U”

  • “Oh. My. God. It’s Janice!”

  • “Will They or Wont They”

  • “The Ballad of Fat Monica”

  • “Could I BE Anymore… Love with Monica”

  • “The One Where We Make a Million Dollars An Episode”

  • “We’ll Always Be There For You”

Personally, I just want to know where and when I can audition—I haven't intentionally stayed this bad at playing guitar all of these years for nothing.

Get your tickets as soon as they go on sale, because we have a feeling it's going to sell out faster than Joey can eat a slice of chocolate cake.


Let's just hope it's better than Joey in Freud! The Musical.

[Feature Image Courtesy] [via Refinery29]