How Well Do You Know Frida Kahlo?

Frida Kahlo’s art says so much about her life and personality. For nearly a century, her work has both haunted and delighted worldwide. Her art speaks to her political views and personal tragedies while challenging you to see her many different forms. 

But who was she really? The Brooklyn Museum’s Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving exhibit sheds shocking new perspective about her private life with the largest installation in U.S. history. You won’t want to miss this final self-portrait. 

But what we are most curious to know is how well do you know Frida Kahlo? Dare try your luck with a brief quiz?

We hope you learned something new! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Lucienne Bloch (1909-1999), Frida Kahlo at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, New York, 1933. Black and white photograph, 21 x 17 in. (53.5 x 43.2 cm). The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of the 20th Century Mexican Art and the Vergel Foundation. © Lucienne Allen dba Old Stage Studios. (Image courtesy of Old Stage Studios)] 

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