Frida Kahlo has been a source of inspiration to artists around the globe. But this is one of the few times it was inspired someone outside of the art industry, in the culinary arts.

A tapas restaurant, inspired by world renowned artist Frida Kahlo, will be opening in Chelsea next fall.

According to TimeOut NY, Fernando and Paula Lopez fell in love with the Mexican surrealist artist and her ambition. 

Their inspiration came from travels to Mexico over the years, where they were entranced by the Mexican cuisine and culture.

Frida was a rebellious spirit that had a sense of humor, despite contracting polio at a young age that only grew worse as she got older. 

She wanted to start her life with the birth of modern Mexico, and on occasion claimed she was born in 1910 instead of 1907 because of the year's connection with the Mexican revolution. 

The up-and-coming place, named Kahlo, will have subtle references to the artist, with La Casa Azul woven into the decor and on the menu. 


Said menu will include small plates like sopa de lima with chicken broth and homemade empanadas. And large plates will be entrees like braised chicken and a fish of the day. As far as drinks, the restaurant will serve mezcal-based cocktails, organic wines, and locally sourced beers. 

Sounds like a plan, as long as their liquor license gets approved!

There’s no official date as of yet, but we hear that the restaurant plans to open in September. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy]