Did You See the Video of This Guy from Queens Attack a Fresh Direct Driver with a Mallet... in Broad Daylight!? | spoiled NYC

Did You See This Guy from Queens Attack a Fresh Direct Driver with a Mallet... in Broad Daylight!?

Gotta love Reddit... and Brooklyn. This is a story you got to simply see to believe. Literally... 

According to this shocking video below captured just this past Sunday, a crazed Queens driver was arrested after hitting a FreshDirect driver with his car, continuing to drive for approximately three blocks with the victim still on the hood of his vehicle. 

To top it all off, the driver then violently struck  him with a rubber mallet-- which was originally described as an oversized hammer by eyewitnesses on the scene. 

Damian Bailey, 34, hit the 23-year-old Fresh Direct employee, who was simply on the job just outside 98 Flatbush Avenue, near the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and then Bailey attempted to flee the scene of the crime-- even though the Fresh Direct driver was still hanging onto the car. 

Roose Wayne, who captured the shocking YouTube video while riding in the back of an Uber, went on to recount on Reddit

"I had no idea that there was going to be a hammer attack as the car rolled up, and I stumble with the camera because I wasn't sure if I should keep recording or to try and help.

 I realized that there is nothing I could do in those few seconds to a guy like that, in that state, with a hammer, and that it would be best to film the crime for the victim and his family...

The video is 2 minutes long but the whole thing went down in the span of 20 seconds.This started with the Fresh Direct guy being hit by the van and driven 3 blocks on the hood of it before it stopped and he got out and engaged the driver."

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