Hey, now that the New Year has started, who’s up for exercising outside?

In the cold.

It doesn’t include running, we promise. But you will get your heart pumping if you take yourself to a free exercise session in the rink at Bryant Park.

TimeOut NY has shared a new ice-skating trend for 2017 called “Excerskating”. 

People are turning towards Salchows and the ice to burn the extra calories left over from the holidays. We think it’s a great rebuttal for anyone who claims it’s too cold to workout outdoors.

You can always warm up with a cup of hot cocoa later. With extra marshmallows.

The Rink at the Winter Village is the main attraction, so the park decided to use the ice as a way for visitors to get their fitness regimen started while completing on-ice circuit workouts, which figure and hockey stars use to train.

When you think about how fit a figure skater or hockey player is, it's definitely a win win!


“Exerskating” takes place every Thursday at 8am through March 2.

The park suggests arriving 20 minutes before the session so you can stow your belongings in a private locker ($10 fee) and rent a pair of skates ($20).


Bear in mind that Bryant Park is the only free-admission ice-skating rink in NYC, so you might as well just shell out some dough and buy a pair of your own. We recommend the thrift store or secondhand, unless you want to splurge!

[via via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy GlenwoodNYC]