Time to Scream for Ice Cream: Today Is Free Cone Day at Häagen-Dazs!

Remember when you attempted to get your free scoop of Ben & Jerry's, but the lines were so astronomically ridiculous that you went to the nearest bodega and purchased a tub instead, just to save your sanity? 

Instead of wallowing in your sorrows for the necessity to purchase your own ice cream on free cone day, head over to any participating Häagen-Dazs location for your chance to finally receive an ice cream cone free of charge. 

Today, Häagen-Dazs (which was founded in the Bronx before moving to Brooklyn and ultimately California), is giving away free cones of their decadent, creamy ice cream to anyone who visits their participating stores between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. 

Don't know which flavor to choose? 

Well, we're partial to butter pecan... and caramel cone, and dark chocolate chip gelato, and pralines and cream, and dulce de leche, and sea salt caramel gelato... 

Actually, you really can't go wrong. 

Whatever you're doing today between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. really isn't more important than a free ice cream cone, right? 


Right. Who could say no to a free kiddie cup, sugar cone, or cake cone in the flavor of your choice?

So head over to your nearest Häagen-Dazs location and indulge in the best Danish-sounding-NYC-founded kiddie ice cream known to man. Fo' free!

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[via Häagen-Dazs] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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