If you haven't been through your family's old boxes recently, you might want to take a peek. 

There might be some hidden gems, like these photographs by undiscovered photographer, Frank Larson, that were recently found by Larson's grandson. 

The images, taken through a Rolleiflex lens, show photos of everyday life in New York City in the 1950's. 

Larson, who worked as an auditor in Queens, was known as the "family shutterbug," photographing to relieve the stress of his 9 to 5 banking job. 

He was known for exploring the city on the weekends to photograph the beautiful moments throughout the city. The photographs were seemingly lost when Larson suffered from a fatal stroke, until being rediscovered by Larson's grandson nearly 50 years later. 

The photos had remained hidden away in Larson's daughter's attic until their discovery. These photos, along with thousands of other black and white candids, are now in safekeeping at the Queens Museum of Art. Check them out below.


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[via My Modern Met] [Feature Image Courtesy My Modern Met]