6 Best Foods to Cure Your New Year's Day Hangover in NYC

There are two types of hangover foods - the kind that actually come closer to curing your hangover, and the kind that cure you emotionally.

We're going to discuss both types. When you're out brunching with your friends on New Year's Day, you're going to need to know what to order. You're going to need something delicious to shove in your face while your friends make fun of you for falling off the bar.

Or, if you don't want to leave your apartment to acquire sustenance, you could always eat breakfast in bed. That part is up to you. Just, don't spill.

Anyway, the point is that you're going to be hungover on New Year's Day. Unless you spend your New Year's Eve doing something productive, like, running in the Midnight Run at Central Park. Congratulations to you people.

The rest of us will be clubbing, hitting the bars, and pouring way too much champagne in our faces. Then, we're going to need to cure our hangovers the next day. Food is the best way to achieve such a cure.

Read on to find out the best possible hangover foods for your New Year's Day in New York City.

1. Breakfast sandwiches

tryitordiet Breakfast GOALS: Bacon, egg, cheese and avocado waffle sandwich šŸ·šŸ³šŸ§€ #tryitordiet šŸ“·: @carnivorr šŸ“: @bruxiewaffles šŸ‘‡ TAG YOUR FRIENDS šŸ‘‡

When you woke up this morning, you wanted to die. However, your bacon egg and cheese sandwich?That sandwich wants you to live.

We're hoping you have a go-to bagel place. If you don't, you haven't been NYC-ing right. Let's just assume, for the sake of argument, you have a go-to bagel place, and that bagel place is affiliated with Seamless.


We hope it's with Seamless, or else you're going to have to call and speak on the phone to someone like a plebeian. You just finished throwing up and your voice is hoarse. You don't want to speak on the phone.

So anyway, log into Seamless and order a breakfast sandwich from your go-to bagel place. The hot, gooey cheese and the succulent sausage, or salty bacon, will infiltrate your bloodstream and have you feeling better in no-time.

2. Eggs of any kind

tastetoronto Memphis Eggs Benedict: Poached Eggs | Chipotle Pulled Pork | Hollandaise | Home-fries with BBQ Sauce (Taster: @lisaeats_to)

Eggs are really good for curing hangovers, and since this is your first and worst hangover of the entire year, we're going to need all the heavy hitters we can muster.

No, eggs aren't just good at curing hangovers because they're delicious.

Eggs are really good for you, and especially when you're battling that New Year's Day hangover. They've got a ton of amino acids like cysteine and taurine. Taurine enhances liver function, which you know you need to filter out all the toxins you poured into your face while you watched the ball drop.

Cysteine is great because it tears apart acetaldehyde, the chemical that's leftover after your liver breaks down ethanol and the reason you have that earthquake headache. Trust us: eggs for the win. It doesn't matter if it's an omelette, Eggs Benedict, or over easy. Get some eggs.

3. Burritos

tudopato Burritos pra ressaca!!! šŸ¤’šŸ‘šŸ˜Š #burritos #chipotle

Breakfast burritos are your best bet here, because as we said, anything with eggs is on point because of all those super healthy amino acids in eggs.

Plus, burritos are the trifecta. They're delicious, nutritious, and hearty. If your burrito is done right, they've got all the essentials: grain, meat, vegetables, dairy, and guacamole. Yes, we know guacamole costs more. We stand by its imperativeness.


We're not even kidding. Avocados are a super food. They have a ton of vitamins K, C, B5, B6, and E. They also have a ton of magnesium and potassium. Oh, also, they've got a lot of fiber.

Avocados are like heaven's way of saying, "Yes, it is possible for food to be healthy and delicious."

Plus, meat and beans have protein, and cheese and salsa are just delicious. Just, don't go to Chipotle for your burrito. Go to any of these burrito spots instead.


4. Bananas

thelittleflowerpetal Stovetop oats cooked in cashew milk + cinnamon/a touch of maple syrup with šŸŒ, šŸ“, & melted PB ā¤ļøāœØ

If you think bananas are boring, you obviously haven't mastered the art of the banana-and-peanut butter sandwich. 

Can we please explain? 

Bananas have a ton of potassium, just like our friends the avocados. Since alcohol pushes all the fluid out of your body (that's why you have to pee the whole time you're drinking), your potassium level is highly depleted while you're wasted.


So replenishing that potassium level, whether with bananas or salads or yogurts or dates, can turn you into the hangover ninja. You'll be ready to hit the town in no-time.

Oh, you were wondering about the peanut butter and the bread? Well, that part's just delicious. Oh, also, peanut butter has protein.

5. Pizza

dailystews This happend: Pizza at @lombardispizza - that's a must when in #newyork ! #nyc #lombardis #pizza #nycpizza

Pizza is one of those emotionally curative foods we mentioned. There isn't too much about pizza that'll reinvigorate your water supply or fix your liver or anything. It's just absolutely delicious.

So yeah, definitely chug a ton of water. Your head hurts because your body is dehydrated and is pooling on your brain as a water source. Definitely munch on some vegetables and, yeah, some pizza.

Better yet, how about chugging a glass of water while you eat a vegetable pizza? We think this is the best possible option. 

Do you order pizza to your apartment or do you venture into the city to acquire it from an establishment? Well, that's up to you, but it's no secret that NYC is the pizza champion of the universe, so we don't really think grabbing a crew and grubbing at one of NYC's pizza joints is a bad move.

6. Chinese food

dreamfood Mood:

We're just picking this one because it's delicious. We're kidding. Believe it or not, excess levels of sodium can help you recover after a particularly grisly hangover. Why is that the case? 

Let us lay it out for you. Remember how you peed like 80 times last night? That depleted your levels of sodium, so for the first time, restocking your body's sodium is helpful.


Should you get the General Tso's Chicken? Definitely. Chicken contains cysteine, which gives your liver a leg-up. You know your liver needs a little encouragement after all those shots you took last night. What were you thinking, anyway?

The point is, there are plenty of great Chinese restaurants in this city. Really incredible ones, actually. Check one out on New Year's Day. You won't regret it.

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