So the super-humid weather has brought out all the super-grossness New York has to offer. We’ve got the tools to keep informed, for better or for worse.

Right now, it’s for worse.

Unless you’re a lizard (or a lizard-person), this news might require a deep breath. Go ahead, breathe deeply. Preferably with your eyes wide open.

Flying cockroaches have been spotted in NYC. Let us repeat that: Flying. Cockroaches.

No one told us this was even a slight possibility! How the hell are we supposed to defend ourselves against these denizens of filth?

Business Insider told us about our nightmare come true, and the origins behind it.

So the National Weather Service issued an “Excessive Heat Warning” for NYC, and everyone was like “No sh*t, you think so?” because things have been beyond simple sweat for a while.

When things get this hot, as Ken Schumann of Bell Environmental Services told DNA info, “something with the temperature and the humidity encourages them to fly.”


We suppose roaches have feelings too, and are probably just flying for cooler weather, but that doesn’t make our skin tingle with disgust any less.

This particular portion of the apocalypse has been capture by numerous New Yorkers.

[via Business Insider] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]