Just Wow! You Can Now Fly to Europe for As Low As $99!?

We let you in on JetBlue's Winter Sale earlier this month, and you went absolutely bananas about it-- and rightfully so.  

But did you know there's another airline by the name of Wow Air that allows you to fly out of Baltimore and Boston to Iceland for just $99 each way? Yeah, neither did we. 

And now, Wow is, well, wowing us again with this absurdly low-priced deal to several European cities for just $199. The one catch? You have to fly out of Los Angeles and San Francisco

You can also fly to Iceland for $99 from the West Coast, but we don't know much of anyone who wants to visit Iceland, so let's just stick to the basic European countries here, right? Right. 

So while not the absolute best news in the world for us New Yorkers, this is still awesome. 

This new airline also said it would extend those aforementioned $199 flights for travelers who stopover in Iceland and then continue on to London, Paris, Berlin and 18 other European cities.


Soooooo... did someone just say West Coast road trip or what? YASSSS please! 

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[via The Los Angeles Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Infinite Legroom]