Flavorful Flushing Foodie Roundup 🤤🌶

Buying an LIRR ticket to the Flushing- Main St. Station or swiping your metro card to board the 7 train line will get you a bit closer to some of the tastiest dim sum NYC has to offer. 

Queens is famous for diversity, and that is ever-present when you take a look at the restaurants and cafes around Main Street. You can't explore all of its greatness in one day but you can visit some of the top spots in this round-up for an out-of-the-park food crawl experience. 

Check out these eateries and purchase our tasty picks with friends or solo if you’re an ambitious foodie! Make sure to grab your cash and travel down to Flushing mid-day so you have enough time to sample the tastiest and affordable Asian bites.

Yukun Shaobing

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At Yukun Shaobing, you'll find some of the most savory and convenient handheld foods Flushing has to offer. Located on a busy street, in a busy mall, this tiny shop is supplying customers from as far away as Long Island, with their tasty and affordable stuffed flatbreads. 

The menu ranges from Spicy Tofu with veggies and Cumin Lamb. The Pepper Lamb shaobing is a crowd-pleaser according to reviews, so buy one for the road and a couple to reheat and eat later on.

Rolls Rice

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This modern take on rice rolls, Rolls Rice, is serving up authentic flavors with fresh takes. You will find signatures like the HKG roll, filled with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage, and the BKK filled with glutinous rice and dried shrimp. 

Spices, curries, herbs, and toppings come together to shine a spotlight on dishes like chili crab and chow fun in the form of a compact roll. Sample their BKK and KUL rolls to get a variety of spice and fillings in one meal.

Maxi’s Noodle

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The pop-up restaurant turned neighborhood staple, Maxi’s Noodle has a Hong Kong-style focused menu. The wontons are robust in size and flavor, pushing the limits of their silky wrappers with shrimp. They also serve up soup toppings like large dace fish balls, dumplings, beef stew, and Ja Jiang. 

A hot bowl of egg noodle soup, topped with both wontons and dumplings plus the Ja Jiang or Beef stew is a filling and homey choice for a hungry tummy. If you need some energy, add a Hong Kong-style milk tea to your order!

M Tea

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If you're a bubble tea fan, the M Tea location in Flushing is your soulmate. The menu at M Tea is expansive, offering fresh fruit juice-based drinks full of citrus or berries, decadent milk teas like their coconut or taro flavors, and a surprising dessert menu. 

There is currently indoor seating available, which means you can grab some Roman Shield Cookies to enjoy alongside your hot or iced beverage while seated in a swing or their gigantic indoor hot air balloon... yes, you heard that correctly. If you want to make the most of your visit, order a black sugar tea latte and the signature boba crepe cake.

Xian Famous Foods

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Xian Famous Foods has numerous locations in NYC, providing spicy, meaty, and all-around delicious dishes to hungry foodies. Orders like their lamb dumplings, soft tofu, or Oxtail hand-pulled noodles are well seasoned and affordable making Xian Famous Foods a perfect spot for groups. 

Purchase a Chrysanthemum tea to compliment the chili-oil topped menu items. Try the [L2] Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad and [N1] Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-Ripped Noodles for a knockout meal experience.


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If you weren't sure what you were looking for, it might be easy to miss the hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Whitebear. Luckily, we're here to help. The small eatery has a large menu flowing with dumplings full of varied meats and vegetable combinations, noodle soups topped with different meats, and assorted sides. 

Popular options include fried rice cakes or sesame balls for a quick grab and go bite. Whitebear's must-order dish is the wontons in hot sauce, which you'll find highlighted on their display menu due to its popularity. 

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