Float on and get free produces, New York City.

This city really does love its art. We've seen some pretty amazing pieces recently. From this trippy installation in the Flatiron District, to a two-faced Goddess and even all these great exhibits you have to see this summer.

What makes all these pieces incredible is that they give us a new perspective of the world around us. One piece of art is challenging how we get our food, and they're doing it a very unique way.

Starting on July 23rd, people will have a chance to get fresh, free produce from a 130-foot barge that looks like a moving mini island.

We've talked about this innovate project before, but now you'll really be able to experience this floating forest filled with produce.

The project is called Swale, and it was brought to life by Mary Mattingly. 

Swale will offer a wide varieties of foods such as blueberries, artichoke, and even kale - that superfood everyone refuses to shut up about.


Swale will also have a seed exchange program, and a crowd-source cookbook highlighting the collaborative effort of the bold project.


The project is set to launch on July 23rd from Concrete Plant Park in the Bronx. You can find more about Swale here.

Check out Guy In Pond.

[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]