Get Your Sea Legs: There's a Floating Taco & Tequila Festival Coming to NYC This July!?

If you've never gotten tipsy on a boat while taking in the views of Manhattan then you're missing out.

It's a great way to get drunk after two drinks because you don't have your sea legs just yet, and once a few choppy waves come in you'll really start feeling that cocktail.

If drinking on a boat isn't cool enough, how about eating? Keep a napkin on you at all times because we cannot stress enough that those waves will come and ruin the outfit that took you an hour to pick out.

Now you can do both - and with arguably the perfect drink and food item for any boat ride.

On July 9th, Hornblower and Yachta Yachta Yachta will kick off their Floating Food Festival with their first cruise around Manhattan:The Tacos & Tequila Cruise.

During the three hour cruise you'll be able to try different tacos from great New York City spots, like Calle Dao, NYY Steak and Ducks Eatery. 

Finally, an opportunity to get your drink on while eating some of the best tacos NYC has to offer.

Don't forget to pregame a bit at these amazing taco spots too.

Avión Tequila will be providing the booze for the cruise, so you'll finally know why tequila drunk is the best drunk.


You might wanna bring a light jacket because that wind is gonna be nipping at you while you're trying to take that selfie with Lady Liberty.


Find out more and get your tickets here. You don't want to miss out on this adventure.

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[via Hornblower] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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