There's $5,000 Hidden Somewhere in NYC... and We're Gonna Help You Find It

Have you ever wanted to participate in a real, live treasure hunt, Pirates of the Caribbean meets Ocean's 11 meets Sherlock (not the Robert Downey Jr. one, obv) meets Stand By Me meets The Goonies meets Duck Tales?

If not, we're pretty sure you'll be enticed enough to go out and buy a spyglass when you hear this. 

There's a $5,000 grand prize (and smaller 2nd and 3rd place prizes) hidden somewhere in Manhattan.

Race side by side with other New Yorkers on Saturday, February 11th to find the token and claim the cash at a secret location in what's the largest cash prize for ANY scavenger hunt in NYC. 

You're totally ready to swashbuckle now, aren't you?

Hosted by the brain-racing trivia hub FleetWit, the treasure hunt is open to all adventurers 18 years or older. There's no prior knowledge or skills necessary, all you need to bring is your brain and your smartphone. 

Your squad can also register as a team, if you work better with a crew (although, if you're more of a lone rogue, that's fine too!). Tickets are just $20 each, and worth 130 FleetWit credits; you can register right here.

At 9 a.m. on the 11th, after your identity is verified (So don't forget proof of ID!) at the starting point, which is at 110 East 28th Street between Lexington and Park, the race will begin.


Using clues that will be accessible by your smartphone– we'd bring an extra battery, if we were you– you'll only be armed with your powers of observation, detective skills, and knowledge of NYC to answer the questions and solve the puzzles.

Don't get too worried though, you won't be expected to cover over half a mile radius in Manhattan, so they're not expecting you to have the subway map memorized.

Now heads up! spoiled NYC will be getting our own set of exclusive clues, which we'll be sharing with you via our Instagram, so tune in. 

We wouldn't pass up any extra chances with $5,000 at stake (we did mention the prize is CASH, right?). The $400 and $200 Amazon Gift Card prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, aren't too shabby either.

Even if you're not the first, second, or third person to reach the final location, there's also going to be a party after the race is over, in case the adventure isn't enough incentive for you to join. They'll be gathering at Amity Hall (80 West 3rd Street) by 1 p.m. to toast the winners.

Psst... we hear there will be even more prizes, so don't head home with your tail between your peg legs just yet if you don't nab one of the top spots.

Also, just saying, if you didn't immediately register at the top of the page, this treasure hunt would also make a super awesome Valentine's Day date– yup, we hope you didn't forget that's just around the corner.

If you guys win the grand prize, you can go to like 7 boring overpriced prix-fixe dinners if you must with the $5,000, but don't pass up this chance to mix things up!

Obligatory Valentine's Day sidebar aside, we're assuming y'all were sold with the $5,000 cash prize, but just in case– here's one more chance to register for this epic NYC treasure hunt.

Unfortunately, we can't win, so while we'd like to wish all of you the best of luck... we won't. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Pixabay] 

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