We love our public art here in New York City– did we mention how excited we were that the Astor Place Cube is finally home?

Don't we all appreciate any and all efforts to give our city a little bit of extra sparkle?

The latest in beautifying our gritty streets comes in the form of a temporary installation from architecture and design firm LOT.

"Flatiron Sky-Line" was the winner of their third annual holiday design competition at the, you guessed it, Flatiron Plaza, and features 10 curved, white steel tubes that will have hammocks strung between them.

Lying down in a hammock in the middle of Flatiron sounds like the least fun thing ever, but we're sure it will make for a pretty likable 'Gram.

The structure itself is also pretty impressive. The arches are embedded with LED lights, so at night, the enclosure is illuminated.

Like we said, we love walking by pretty things on our morning commutes, so the annual Flatiron installation is always fun to see. You'll be able to chill the F out starting November 21st. 

It's also cool because it's a completely different vibe from last year's trippy kaleidoscopic thing.


We might not be ready to go down and take a nap in the middle of a plaza during our lunch breaks but it's definitely one more place to take our out-of-town friends during their holiday visits that isn't the f*cking LOVE sculpture.


via TimeOut NY

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]