Flatbush has always been a cultural hub for Caribbean people and food, but this week it's officially getting the recognition it deserves alongside long-held destinations like Little Italy and Chinatown. 

Included in the newly dubbed "Little Caribbean" neighborhood will be southern Crown Heights, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, and Flatbush, focusing heavily on Flatbush, Church, and Nostrand avenues. 

The venture was announced last week by Eric Adams, Flatbush Borough President, along with several NYC tourism associations, and caribBEING, a Flatbush arts and cultural group. 

Heck yeah.

This project has been in the works for about two years now, and promises to be a great addition to the cultural diversity of the city. 


Just think of all the awesome new foods, parties, and museums you can get yourself into this fall! What will they think of next!?

"There is a huge interest in Caribbean food and culture even outside of the neighborhood," says caribBEING founder and Flatbush resident Shelley Worrell. 

"Whether you're a New Yorker or even a visitor, people want different offerings in New York  City. A lot of people travel to the Caribbean or they just want to explore new neighborhoods." 

This week's reveal will feature flags, signs, and interesting architectural pieces that will attract people wandering about to look closer. Oh, don't worry. We definitely will be stopping by!

[Feature Image Courtesy NYEvents] [via dnainfo]