You know, when you move into a new apartment or home and haven’t emptied your plates and silverware yet, so you scramble for anything to eat out of, like that giant mug or vase that’s on hand? There is an increasing trend of normalizing something like this by serving drinks in obscure objects.


No, restaurants aren’t serving drinks in your grandma’s vase—or maybe they are. But the real trend we’ve been seeing is bars beginning to sell drinks in weird objects, like flamingos at Loopy Doopy, and more recently, giant Moscow Mule mugs at Fishbowl.

Yes, we are telling you where to finally find that giant Moscow Mule that’s been jumping in and out of your Instagram feed. And the Mule is only the beginning.

Fishbowl is a part of the Dream Hotel in Midtown, 210 W 55th Street, and is a virtual adult arcade clad with games to keep you entertained and drinks to make that entertainment even more fun.

So it’s the bar-cade version of adulting that is arguably more conducive to helping you capture your inner child than any other place has achieved—we’re looking at you Barcade. Not that Barcade isn’t great, but they focus on old games, whereas Fishbowl is all about the elevation of classics to make them modern and flashy.


Sure you could go somewhere like Fat Cat, where they have board games to placate you. But why play a board game when you can interact with bowling, and skee-ball, which are way more group-oriented anyway?


Plus, Fishbowl has amazing, semi-themed drinks like Mystic Marvel made with Cuervo, Prickly Pear, Agave, Fresh Lime and Turmeric Salt and Rum Cannonball with Bacardi, Pineapple, Fresh Lime, Aperol, grenadine and bitter. Also, some of their drinks (the Cannonball included) can be made into aptly named Fishbowls which can serve up to 8 people.


And if decor is your jam, you’ll love the upscale vibe that’s pulled together with neon arcade lights, and giant fish tank in the center.

They have regular events, including a new monthly comedy program, and attract celebrity guests like Rumor Willis and Kevin Connelly. If you haven’t added them to your rotation yet, now might be the time.

 You may even get the chance to challenge a Victoria Secret model to a game of bowling.

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