Growing up everyone had a favorite cartoon that they just had to watch. From CatDog to Rugrats, we all have fond memories of these characters and their zany adventures.

If there was one show that really stuck with those growing up in New York City, it's the classic cartoon about a football head: Hey Arnold! There was nothing better than seeing a group of kids trade urban legends and playing on the streets, just like you.

But, everyone had the same burning question while watching Hey Arnold. No, we're not talking about Gerald's head and whether or not its just really long or if his hair just grows that way. We're talking about what happened to Arnold's parents. Now, it looks like we are getting an answer to that question.

Nickelodeon has released the first images of the new television-movie Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, in which Arnold and the gang finally find out what happened to Arnold's parents.

Nickelodeon has been flirting with the idea of bringing back old school cartoons for a while now, and this seems to be the first real step towards rebooting fan favorites.

The new images show our favorite characters sporting some new digs, but they still have the same ol' personality.

Arnold and Gerald are chillin', having an ice cream cone, and Helga has her trademark furrowed uni-brow and a face of anger because her ice cream fell off the cone.


Grandpa has a vintage grandpa sweater on, and Abner the pig is still, well, a pig. Phoebe, the most drastic character change, has a new hairstyle.

We can't wait to finally get an answer for what happened to Arnold's parents. Fans of the show, and those with amazing memories, will recall that Arnold's parents were lost after exploring in a jungle.

So, doesn't seem like we'll be seeing a whole lot of the familiar NYC environment in this movie. The film is set to premiere on Thanksgiving in 2017.

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[via Variety] [Feature Image Courtesy Variety]