Everybody's Workin' for The Weeknd: The 1st Day of The Meadows Just Got Even Doper!

You getting pumped for the inaugural weekend of The Meadows Music and Arts Festival?! 

We are, despite what's looking (it's only 50% chance of rain... all day) like a rainy weekend. But then there's the food. Then there's the epic after-parties. Then there's the headliners, Kanye West and The Weeknd...

Oh. Welp. The Weeknd's no longer a headliner, thanks to an impromptu (seriously? In what world was opening SNL's season as the musical guest an "unforeseen scheduling conflict?") booking with SNL seemingly on the heels of the announcement of his new album, Starboy (due November 25th). 

We get it. 

Some people would rather perform at the season premiere of an SNL show whose cast is either really white or low-key racist


(Two things here: 1 - Comedy is the last real form of freedom of speech. Nobody's safe during roasts or standup, and we can't censor or denigrate unless their joke is egregious on all fronts. 2 - There's still a context for that "safe space" of comedy, and your twitter feed recounting racial encounters and observations made along your daily grind is not one of them.)

But none of that's neither here nor there.

We have to say thank you to The Weeknd. Not only is he still playing a set on Saturday (6:15 p.m.), but with his departure from that headlining spot, The Meadows basically added yet another behemoth of stardom and talent with J. Cole. 

That's ridiculous. In what world does that happen? A good one. 

Of course, we were super stoked when Gov Ball announced the surprise guest performance by Prophets of Rage this summer, only to get super-soaked off the island because of the weather, so who knows if God hate us completely. 


But we'll be there Snapchatting, Instagram storying, Periscopin', and Facebook Livin' the whole thing (except for any of the performances because them's the rules). And you should join us! 

Yes, there's still time to win 4, 2-day VIP tickets to The Meadows this weekend. All you gotta do is enter the giveaway right here. The giveaway ends tomorrow! Don't screw it up!


Then again, leaving it up to Chance might not be the best idea at this point because most of those tickets are So Gone

In fact, all of Sunday's General Admission tickets are sold the f*ck out. BUT! If you're dying to catch this little piece of history, get your tickets right here

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