NYC's Best Cozy and Not-Too-Crowded Bars Where You Can Curl Up in Front of a Fireplace 🔥🌆🍻

Living in NYC can be overwhelming. It’s crowded; it’s cold; it’s draining. And all of those elements are just further amplified in the wintertime.

Yes, it’s the holiday season, and holiday bars are all the rage, but isn’t that even more reason for us all to take a step back and relax?

The feelings of peace and love are the ones we want to hold onto, so we curated the best bars to help you capture that warm and cozy feeling with or without a partner in crime.

Here are the best places to kick your feet up, feel comfy, and let off some steam in front of a fireplace without having to fight crowds. Because you deserve a gift for yourself as much as your relatives and friends deserve presents from you.

1. Camp (179 Smith Street-at Warren Street)


This cozy spot may be a short subway ride outside of the city, but we promise it’s worth it. This bar/restaurant basically doubles as a ski chalet that you barely have to drive to.

They’ve got a daily happy hour from 5-7 and board games to keep you entertained by the fire all night long. And if that’s not enough to thrill you, we also hear they have a signature cocktail based on your favorite nostalgic childhood troop called Dirty Girl Scout with vodka, Bailey's, Kahlua, and creme de menthe, and a DIY s’mores platter.

2. Tiny’s NYC (135 W. Broadway-at Duane Street)


This 3 Story Townhouse in Tribeca was built in the 1810’s and has integrity for days. Head to the dining room on the first floor for some delicious eats surrounding a center fireplace.

Sip on matzo ball soup just like grandma made, try some wild mushroom risotto, and even dessert on drunken donuts. Or if you just came for cocktails, they’ve got some great choices, including The Good Samaritan which has profits going to Hurricane Harvey/Irma victims. Do good AND feel good.

3. Whitman & Bloom Liquor Company (384 3rd Avenue)

This place paying homage to James Joyce lives by the quote “For though they were modest they believed in eating well.” And for them that means a steady balance of healthy and hearty. They’ve got indulgent steak, pasta and stew options, and even it out with chicken and salmon and some killer salads.

Request a place by the fireplace and dig into some killer eats. And spend some extra time by following it up with a drink. We can’t say we won’t complain, but we’ll understand.

4. Black Mountain Wine House (415 Union Street between Smith and Hoyt Streets)

This home-style wine house is reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen. The cute, round tables, winter-long roaring fire, and comfort-food menu make it a perfect date night locale.

A glass of wine could go for as low as $6.50 and a bottle might be only $28. And with the most expensive food on the menu set at $12, you can relax knowing your wallet will be as content as your tastebuds.

5. Molly’s Shebeen (287 Third Ave between 22nd and 23rd Street)


Molly’s is your typical Irish Pub with the added bonus of a hefty wood fire. Grab a pint or try something new and order an Irish Coffee, secure in the knowledge that everything is pretty damn authentic.

Hang your coat next to the fire and let it heat up so you can carry the heat with you when you finally decide to go—or should we say if you decide to go. You may just be so comfy you never want to leave.

6. The Writing Room (1703 Second Avenue)


Have you ever wanted to live in a fairytale or a Disney movie? You will basically feel like Belle in the Beast’s castle library when you step into The Writing Room, filled with books surrounding a blazing fire.

The romance factor is basically turned to 100, and if you feel like going solo, there are more than enough books to keep you company.

7. Brendan’s Bar (42 W 35th St)

Located directly between two of NYC’s most iconic landmarks, The Empire State Building & Macys, this tavern was once a Gregorian hotel and the decor reflects that ambiance.

The room has more than enough space for a big group and the menu fits all tastes with both American and Irish options. They also have an extensive wine list and tons of beer options so they've basically got it all covered.

8. Art Bar (52 Eighth Avenue)


Art Bar is a West Village staple, complete with spacious green leather booths and comfy couches. The interior is, for lack of a better descriptor, artsy. They’ve got a vibe that hipsters dream of and small tea lights to offset the full fireplace.

This well-kept secret features gallery exhibits from local artists, so you have something to muse over with your date while you sip cocktails and pretend you’re anywhere besides NY.

We've done all the hard work for you, now just decide which spot you want to check out!

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