Governor Cuomo and the MTA are officially fed up with the excessive, dangerous amount of littering in the Subways and LIRR tracks. 

Some of you may be surprised to hear that garbage in the tracks is actually responsible for nearly all 700 subway fires that occurred last year, as well as an ongoing flooding problem. 

Aside from these floods and fires being dangerous for the health and safety of passengers and MTA workers, they are also a very prominent cause for train delays throughout the year. 

And of course, beyond the more pressing issues, pollution is simply gross to look at (or smell) making our commuting experience much more unpleasant than it needs to be. 

Just last week, Cuomo introduced the new campaign "Keep it Clean" Increasing the littering fine from $50 to $100. Including a PSA on how plain "rude" littering is, not only for your fellow passengers, but for your own daily routine. 


The PSA, with it's short and simple message, reminds New Yorkers of the slogan "It's our MTA," urging everyone to do their part in maintaining a clean space.

Hopefully word about the increased fine will make its rounds and we can all revisit the good ole', garbage cans that are quite literally everywhere!

We'll see how this goes... check out the PSA here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Flickr] [via TimeOut NY]