Alright, we are going to be blunt here. You've stepped in dog poo before, right? It sucks. A lot. 

Your day is ruined, and you're practically kicking the curb while whispering (or screaming) obscenities until you can see the bottom of your shoe again.

It's bound to happen in a city that is estimated to have around 420,000 dogs, but what if you could avoid it?

RentHop has a new study showing the neighborhoods that have seen an increase and decrease in dog poo complaints over year and what time of year you're more likely to step in some sh*t.

Before you get ready to defend your borough or start bashing one another, you should know that this really is a city-wide issue. Each borough is guilty of this sh*t, and if you think your neighborhood is safe, just wait until you start leaving very foul-smelling footprints behind you.

Chelsea and Union Square saw a 81% decrease in complaints since last year, and we cannot be more ecstatic because that is we're currently posted up down there with a sea of what is hands down the home of NYC's most adorable dogs. 

Harding Park in the Bronx had a 88% decrease in complaints, and Emerson Hill, Staten Island had a 89% decrease.

Whitestone, Queens had a 91% decrease in complaints in last year but South Jamaica, which is also in Queens, had a 267% increase in dog poop complaints. West Concourse in the Bronx and Homecrest, Brooklyn both saw a 900% increase in complaints. Yikes.


While the Department of Health estimates that there are roughly 420,000 dogs in this city, only 84,000 are actually registered. A lot of dogs doesn't actually mean a lot of complaints. There were 2,600 complaints in 2015 and that is a thousand less complaints then there were in 2010.

At least we're cleaning up these mean streets.

RentHop also found out that the most complaints are made around February and March. The theory is that the snow hides the poo and preserves it, so when the snow melts, your Timbs won't be so fresh as they once were.

New York City, this is not a public service announcement. Those are gentle and somewhat sweet. This is a reminder that you have to pick up after your dog. These streets are shared by many and can definitely be annoying at times, but no one has time for that sh*t.

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[via RentHop] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]