Is your lease almost up?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.  

That is, if your budget is around 70 million dollars. As reported by Forbes, 212 Fifth Avenue will be on the market this week, and it definitely lives up to the expectations. 

This price tag makes the 212 the priciest pad in the neighborhood.  

Conveniently located to overlook Madison Square Park, the penthouse offers around 10,000 square feet of living space, and occupies the top three floors of the building. 

Imagine those views?! 

The apartment features, but isn't limited to, Calcatta gold marble, chevron-patterned oak floors, steam showers, and a 5,700 square foot outdoor deck.  

What else is on that deck? A rooftop pool, because of course.


Robert Gladstone, owner of Madison Equities, sat down with Forbes and said, "The area around Madison Square Park has been built up over the past few years and is coming into its own as a place for high-end living."


According to Curbed NY, the market for residences over $10 million is starting to taper off, but hopefully that won't effect the listing and selling of 212 Fifth Avenue. 

[via Curbed NY] 

[Feature Image Courtesy Trip Advisor]