We first heard about the plans for the New York Wheel almost a year ago, but we've yet to see any positive forward movement on that front in, well... a long time.

Here's a refresher: the New York Wheel is a massive Ferris wheel that'll be taking over Staten Island sometime in the coming year.

The plan is for the wheel to stand at an insane 630-feet tall, joining the ranks of some of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world.

The wheel will be able to carry up 1,440 passengers, and if you're brave enough to overcome any fear of heights you may have you'll be rewarded with an incredible views of our beautiful city.

Construction for the wheel started a long while back, but was halted early on as the wheel's still needing the approval of the City Council.

When the wheel finally comes into existence, admission will apparently run New Yorkers $35 a ride - a pretty high price to pay, even though your trip down to Staten Island on the ferry is free.


This would mean that this single wheel would make more money than the Empire State Building Observatory - say what?!

If the price of admission and tremendous heights doesn't turn you away from the upcoming New York Wheel, get excited, because we're finally starting to see some progress once again.


An enormous base for the wheel has officially been laid out along the Staten Island shoreline. The plan is for the wheel to be up and running by 2017, and for the first time in a year we actually have faith in that plan.

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