Hot dog! Well, a 10ç hot dog to be exact! Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and while honoring those who served this nation with Fleet Week and a bunch of awesome parades, there is one particular food item that will be enjoyed by everyone everywhere.

Hot dogs.

Yes, the simple deliciousness has been a staple for any baseball game, cookout or visit to New York City's finest beach, Coney Island. Of course, when you think about hot dogs at the boardwalk you think of the legendary Nathan's, who this weekend is selling their dogs at their original price at five cents.

But, there would be no Nathan's without the O.G. of the frankfurter, Feltman's who will be coming back after a 62-year hiatus to sell their hot dogs at their original pricing as well: one dime.

You might be thinking, "Wait, if Feltman's came before Nathan's, how come their hot dogs are five cents more than Nathan's?"

Well, that's because Nathan's basically undercut Charles Feltman, the man who invented the hot dog. 

Nathan Handwerker actually worked for Feltman and quit after noticing that 10 cent dogs were too expensive for people. Thus, he made his five cents.


Now, you can say Nathan Handwerker seized an opportunity or screwed over Charles Feltman but the truth is no one wants to see how a sausage is made, and you don't celebrate a 100 years on the boardwalk without putting some mustard on it.

So, while Nathan's is celebrating a 100 years of dominating the hot dog game, Feltman's will be coming back down the block on Saturday, at the new Steeplechase Beer Garden. Get there from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the 10ç dogs.


Come the summer, Feltman's will be selling their hot dogs to restaurants and customers at whole sale so you can still get a taste of history.

Sure, Nathan's is a classic among classics and of course we are gonna still have a delicious hot dog after - always after - the Cyclone. But, it's still great to pay tribute to the original, the inventor and the comeback kid, Feltman's.

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[via The Coney Island Blog] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]