Fit Friday Weekend Guide 🏋️🧘🎨

This weekend‘s guide is unlike any other, packed full of health and wellness events that will empower and arm you to move forward and slay your goals. Partake in physically grueling or relaxing classes that'll fill you with energy or improve your strength. This guide is also equipped to refine your mental agility. Let loose during a party centered on inner beauty or surrender to a botanical aromatherapy workshop. Regardless of what you’re in need of, this collection of events will serve your mind body and soul.

Friday, 2/28

The Essence of Lavender Workshop 60 Furman Street, Brooklyn

The 1 Hotel in Brooklyn is hosting the Botanical Nature Lavender Dreams Workshop in collaboration with Green Hour NYC. Visitors will learn how to create a custom aromatherapy products using botanicals and lavender as their central ingredient. Tickets also include an informative session about Lavender's benefits, grounding instruction and your complimentary product to take home.

Preventing and Managing Burnout using Meditation and Breathing Techniques 506, 6th Street, Brooklyn


Find your center using breathing and meditation techniques at the Preventing and Managing Burn-out event this weekend. Atomic scientist, Yogi, and public speaker Dr. Pralhad Ron will lead the course and hands-on practical workshop. Guests will get instruction on helpful habits to calm and center the mind as well as a sneak peek of Ron’s new book, “Pranayama: Breathing Techniques for Health,” launching soon.

UNINTERRUPTED Coloring and Conversations 215 East 99th Street, Manhattan

Artist Aleathia Brown invites thinkers, visionaries, creatives, and artists into the Culturally Cozy Art Gallery this weekend to review her solo exhibition titled "Uninterrupted". The exhibit features five decades of her artwork, curated music and refreshments. The focus of the works is stress relief through color and pattern work.

Saturday, 2/29

Soul Glow with Marshall Jefferson, Razor-N-Tape 2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn


Attend the Soul Glow disco at the House of Yes in Brooklyn this weekend. The venue is encouraging neon, colorful, eye-catching garbs that bring out the inner divine in all of us. Wear your most creative and futuristic ensembles and come prepared to party to music from Marshall Jefferson and Razor N Tape.

TRAP N TONE 182 4th Avenue, Brooklyn


Enjoy trap music like never before during the Trap N Tone fitness event this weekend. Dancewear has prepared a guided 60-minute long workout accompanied by popular music from the trap genre. Instructor @GrillsandGranola will be leading fitness enthusiasts and newbies through this fun and exciting challenge.

Our Friend Jean: Closing Celebration 916 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn


The Bishop venue is hosting an exhibit centered around Jean Michel Basquiat's early works. Twenty drawings, collages, writings, sculptures and other works will be displayed thanks to a collaborative effort from collectors close to the Basquiat. The culture LP is giving art lovers a chance to enjoy a tour of the gallery, complimentary cocktails, and a meet and greet also.

Sunday, 3/1

Xinyi-Dao Internal Alchemy Meditation & Martial Arts Class 140 West 30th Street, Manhattan


In an intimate and empowering move, Dr. Mark Li is hosting an Internal Alchemy Meditation and Martial Arts event, releasing generational knowledge to the public. The class will include instruction on Dantian breathing, body strength, and alignment, cultivating internal energy and martial art techniques for self-defense.

Sunday Yoga with Lululemon x Chelsea Market 75 9th Avenue, Manhattan


Surrender to a free one-hour flow session at the Sunday yoga event from Lululemon and the Chelsea market. The class will allow you to relax your body and mind as you tone new muscles throughout the duration of the class. There is no charge but attendees should bring their own mats.

Strength Class: Bootcamp 320 West 57th Street, Manhattan


The New York Road Runners (NYRR) is hosting a Strength Class: Boot Camp this weekend. The free event will include short, challenging, high energy movements that test your strength and stamina. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or prefer other cardio exercises this class is a great addition to your itinerary.

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