Better put down that slice of pizza, New Yorkers, because it could be harboring some toxic chemicals. 

Luckily for us, our pizza slices are still a-okay, but the box that it comes in may be headed to the trash... for good. 

Is nothing sacred anymore? Okay, so pizza boxes are a far cry from "sacred" New York City artifacts, but still...

The FDA recently stated that three grease-proofing agents in packing boxes for food (such as the pizza box) are potentially harmful when ingested... sort of. 

Essentially, the FDA believes that these chemicals, three kinds of perfluoroalkyl ethyls, don't come with a "reasonable certainty of no harm from the food-contact use of these [food contact substances]." 

To clear up the double negative- the FDA doesn't have distinct proof that these chemicals are safe to come into contact with food that will be ingested, and because there is no proof that these chemicals aren't harmful, they shouldn't be used in the making of food packaging. 


The ban will be put into place 30 days after the finalized ban has been published in the Federal Register, according to federal rules. 

sineadognen Mmmmm 🍕

To be honest, we don't care how our pizza gets served or what it gets served in. All we care is that it comes with a well-done, foldable crust, tons of pepperoni, and enough grease to clog an artery. 

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