5 Things Dads Should Stop Telling Their Sons, from a Woman Likely to Date Them

Ah, parenthood. 

It's a beautiful human experience in which an adult has the opportunity to bestow their wisdom and knowledge upon the future generation, guiding them on a path of success and happiness.

Or, you know, a chance for parents to pass on the outdated and sexist principles that they were raised on and therefore blind to their ultimately damaging effects. 

And what better time to celebrate this vicious cycle than Father's Day? 

We can't help but notice that there's a crap ton of commonplace phrases that really ought to be retired from the parental vernacular, particularly when it comes to our sons. 

So. Just. You know. Stop. K thanks. 

1. "Boys will be boys"

Lol, no. 

First of all, this doesn't even make any sense. Yeah, boys will be boys. Llamas will be llamas. Cantaloupe will be cantaloupe. We're unsure as to why stating that the thing will be the thing is somehow a justification for the thing's despicable actions.


For example, if a cantaloupe is sour AF, you throw it out because it is garbage. You do not allow it to continue sitting on the counter being a sad excuse for a cantaloupe. 

Same principle applies to boys who rape unconscious women. #lookinatyouBrock

2. "Man up"


This phrase is dumb because it equates strength with masculinity. And don't get us wrong, there are plenty of strong, grown-ass men in this world. No doubt about it. 

But indicating that capability is determined solely by your gender puts tremendous pressure on young men to be something that they might not be, not to mention totally discredits all the badass things that women can and have done. 

3. "You throw like a girl"

Why did anyone ever think this was an okay thing to say? 

Take a step back. These are not the droids you're looking for. Go home, and rethink your life.

Once again, this puts frailty and femininity on the same level. We will spare you the details, frankly because if you're a dude you likely can't handle it, but do ya'll even know what ladies go through every month? It's a godd*mn massacre down there. 

Sooooo indicating that your daughters are somehow "weaker" than your sons is not only perpetuating a damaging ideal about male superiority, but it's just plain false.

4. "Stop crying"

Do you know why men die sooner than women? Because they don't cry.

Seriously. You really think that there is absolutely no correlation to our culture's blatant discouragement of men outwardly expressing emotion and their statistically shorter life spans? 


So, it's simple: tell your sons that it's okay to cry, and they will live longer. Boom! Science!

5. "She probably likes you"


We seem to have this tendency to decide for ourselves what it is a woman wants/should do, even when she has told us precisely what it is she wants/feels she should do.

Weird, right? Lol! 

So, if your son has pursued a lady and she's turned him down, it should probably be left at that. 

And you know, it very well could be a move on her part. She could very well be doing it on purpose because she wants him to try harder, or it's her way of flirting. 

But don't tell your son that. Because those types of things should never be assumed. Instead, tell him to woman up and use his words to be honest with her, and leave her alone if that's what she expresses she wants. 

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