Ever think you'd want to sit poolside on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline and... cornfields? 

If that's your hearts truest secret desire, you may have a chance to live your dreams, though we're judging you quite a bit. 

According to Brownstoner, new renderings of Bushwick's Rheingold Brewery mega development show everything from residential apartments, a hotel, restaurants, shops, a pool, and a rooftop farm. 

The new plans for the development of the massive warehouse space are described by Architect Magazine as a space where "[guests] relaxing in the rooftop pool will be regaled by a rare experience; views of the skyscrapers of Manhattan --and cornfields."

Well when you put it that way, yippee ki-yay!!! 

However, hold onto your hats, you urban cowboys you, because these plans by Raad Studio are only renderings, meaning they are simply conceptual ideas that have yet to be approved. 

If the plans are approved, Raad, the company behind Lowline Park, will develop the largest New York City rooftop farm at 165,000 square feet. That's a lot of corn. 

The plans for the building, which resides on 930 Flushing Avenue, is part of the much bigger, controversial plan for the redevelopment of essentially a small neighborhood. 

According to Curbed, the Read Property Group pledged to make 30% of the development affordable, but that promise was not binding. Many in the area believe that the developers will not comply with this agreement. 

Take a look at the renderings below.


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[via Curbed]