Falcons are dominant creatures that sit atop the food chain of the concrete jungle that is New York City. 

So what if they don't have thumbs? They have wings. And claws. And beaks. They're awesome.  

There's always a chance that one will swoop down from above after it's targeted its prey (an unlucky rat or pigeon). 

That's partially why two falcons, Adele and Frank, have us captivated in front of our computer screens, watching the live stream of the hatching of their four baby falcons. 

Adele and Frank (possibly the least threatening names for falcons) have chosen the roof of 55 Water Street as their nesting spot for their new little fluffballs. 

Hopefully the names of the new munchkins will be a bit more fitting. 

Now, we've been paying attention to Peregrine Falcons nesting in FiDi for a minute, but live stream feeds capturing falcon eggs hatching? Well, that's not an everyday occurrence. Check out the feed below. 

Thoughts on potential names for the birds? We're kind of into human names for animals, but we're also into using the names of inanimate objects for living creatures: Gun, Puzzle, Tinfoil, Pipe, or even Canal.

Then again, a falcon named Captain Falcon the Falcon would be decidedly dope.