Want to Unlock the Very Best of NYC? With Magnises, You'll Experience This City at a Whole New Level

How many of us have that friend who knows everything that's happening and everyone that's going to be there - on any given night of the week?

You know that friend, right? They're inexplicably connected, they weave seamlessly between the people and places that make the city buzz, and they're always more than happy to introduce you to new people or get you into that restaurant a week before it opens. 

Magnises is an inclusive community that delivers exclusive experiences, designed to enhance your network and unlock all the city has to offer.

In reality hardly any of us have this friend, and even if we did - let's be honest - they'd be annoying.

So how do you unlock your city and level up your life without waiting around for this (possibly annoying) unicorn? Meet Magnisesthe fastest growing membership-based community in America. 

Magnises is an inclusive community that delivers exclusive experiences, designed to enhance your network and unlock all the city has to offer. It doesn't just open doors - it brings you in through the kitchen, showing you a side of the city that you've always been told you are going to have to wait to see. 

More than just a card, membership includes 'Magnises NOW', an on-demand concierge service. It's like having a personal assistant in the palm of your hand, providing dining and nightlife suggestions, making reservations and answering any questions about your membership.

Magnises takes your credit card and turns it into a black card. The card that, when slid across the bar, says everything without having to explain anything

Because what people don't know about that card is not what it buys you, but where it takes you.

Of course, with their unique add-ons like the Club Pass, Hotel Pass, and Work Pass on deck, a life of luxury is even easier. Magnises takes you to high-end clubs, cutting the lines, skipping the noise, and setting you and your guests up in style.

Pumped up nightlife not really your scene? That’s straight. Instead, enjoy priority reservations and VIP benefits like your first round of drinks comped or a percentage off the full bill at some of NYC’s best restaurants.


You can unlock all of this with your Magnises black card and the members-only app you can download for both iOS and Android.

But it gets better. What if you need the hook-up for something absurd like tickets to Kanye's Life of Pablo Tour in NYC? Done. Tryin' to get to the ESPY's this July? Magnises. What about a Bieber show, Drake, or the NYC premiere for that new Jason Bourne joint? Boom. They've got you. 

What this all means is no more meeting up with a ragtag group of shoe shufflin' people who haven't a clue of what to do on any given night in New York City. 

With Magnises, you either become THAT friend who knows what to do, and you're joining an elite squad of others who also know what's up. 

Of course, there's the matter of how you get yourself acquainted with this friend. How could you possibly hope to get your name on the list to some of the most exclusive events and offerings in the city without digging deep and networking like hell for years?

That's the easy part. You just apply for membership that's only $250 a year.


Once accepted, you're joining thousands of others tapping into not only a network of partnered restaurants, bars, music venues, and nightclubs, but also a comprehensive concierge service giving you the lowdown on things tailored to whatever you need.

Magnises' concierge service is giving you the knowledge of a local for the experience of a lifetime on any night you need it, in whatever way you're tryin' to get down.

But it's all about you. Everything's tailored to exactly what you love about NYC and everything you need from it.

All you've got to do is apply. 

Everybody needs that friend who knows the difference between a hotspot and just a spot, but not everybody knows where to even start looking. We do. Their name is Magnises.

Unlock NYC and Apply for Your Magnises Membership Right Here