Does anyone love coffee more than New Yorkers? 

Uh okay, so according to Google, Finland does but WHATEVER. WHATEVER, FINLAND. But, you know, we consume 7x more coffee than any other American city, so we're good. 

Anyway, coffee is a huge part of many New Yorkers' day whether you run on Dunkin', pay half your salary to Starbucks, or support local coffee shops (snaps for you, bud).

It's easy to forget just how many different and amazing kinds of coffee there are when most of the time, you chug your paper cup over a trash can at your office's water cooler. Change that this weekend at the 2nd annual New York Coffee Festival at the 69th Regiment Armory.

Your coffee addiction might be out of hand but at the New York Coffee Festival it's okay, nay, it is your duty to indulge. 

Enjoy unlimited unique coffee tastings, imbibe a coffee cocktail, interactive workshops, street nomz, some poppin' live music, and demonstrations from world-class baristas.

Those world class baristas will be competing in Coffee Masters NYC, a fast-paced competition to determine who's America's Next Top Mod– er, Barista. 

The baristas will showcase their skills judged by a panel of industry figureheads in disciplines that include cupping, brewing, latte art, the order and the signature drink.


This caffeine fueled party rages on all weekend– grab those tix here



50% of all ticket sales will be donated to Project Waterfall with funds directly entrusted to NYC-based charity: water to support their life changing water projects in coffee growing regions.

[via NewYorkCoffeeFestival] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]