Everything You Need to Know About the Epic Vinho Verde Wine Experience

Does a wine-tasting extravaganza sound like an ideal way to kick off summer 2017—or any summer for that matter? Yeah, we thought so, too.

Winos, meet the Vinho Verde Wine Experience, an unreal wine-tasting event that’s going down in Brooklyn this summer.

Over 20 wine producers from Vinho Verde, a wildly underrated wine region in Portugal, are coming to Williamsburg for a one-of-a-kind, wine event.

Winos, meet the Vinho Verde Wine Experience, an unreal wine-tasting event that’s going down in Brooklyn this summer.

It's all going down at The Weylin in Williamsburg this summer on June 17th at 6 p.m.

For only $45, guests will have the opportunity to meet and taste with knowledgeable winemakers, enjoy delicious food pairings, check out chef demos, and learn basically everything there is to know about white wine from the Vinho Verde region in Portugal.

Yes, time to start pickin' up bottles of this tasty grape drank for every al fresco, every classy AF picnic, and every other moment you want to drink something tasty (responsibly, of course). 

Here’s everything you need to know about this can’t-miss event. Get. Your. Tickets

1. There’s going to be so. Much. Wine.


Guests will be able to taste over 60 wines made by 20 different winemakers, which is insane in and of itself. 

But what’s more, you’ll also get to taste some of the natural components that make up a wines’ flavor profile. Want to know what makes your mouth water or why a wine tastes lush and juicy? Get your answers here in this interactive exhibit and impress your friends later on with some knowledge bombs.

2. All hail Portugal


All of the wines hail from the Vinho Verde wine region, located in the north of Portugal. It’s a place where tradition mixes with modern winemaking innovation to create some of the most unique white wines in all of Europe you probably haven't enjoyed quite like this.

Working exclusively with indigenous grapes like Alvarinho, Loureiro, Trajadura, and Avesso, winemakers are reinventing the region and creating a new style of Portuguese wine.

3. It’s all white wine


REPEAT: IT IS ALL WHITE WINE. Okay, and a bunch of Rosé—but there will not be red wine!

All the wines available for tasting will be delicious white wines: crisp, light, dry; perfect refreshment for summer.

Only down for reds? This probably isn't for you unless you really don't know why, outside of a miserable night with two bottles of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio, you don't care for white wine. Open your mind grapes, y'all.  

4. You’ll become a wine master


Guests will learn all about the Vinho Verde region, as well as the over 500 indigenous grapes used to create its wines.

Which makes for perfect brunch fodder with which to impress your friends/next Tinder date.

There’ll also be 15 minute master classes where winemakers will walk guests through 4-5 different wines.

5. Location, location, location


The event is going down at The Weylin in Williamsburg, which is basically a giant, beautiful castle. The perfect backdrop for taking in some fancy wine.

6. Food, glorious food

Six delectable vendors will be offering bites for guests to munch on while enjoying their wine:

El Super


El Super serves up killer LA inspired Mexican fare from a wife-and-husband team, featuring generously stacked tacos and tostadas.

People's Pops


People's Pops use locally grown fruit to create innovative and super tasty, seasonally inspired popsicle; including Vinho Verde infused popsicles made exclusively for this event.

Poppy's Catering


Dishes made with top quality, seasonal ingredients to keep things simple, rustic and delicious.This Brooklyn-based company has gotten so popular among New Yorkers, they've become the go-to caterer for everyone from Gwneyth Paltrow to Beyonce.

East Coast Poke


East Coast Poke sources their ingredients exclusively from the islands' most ecologically respectful purveyors and the result are simple and authentic dishes that are both fresh and flavorful.

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