Who knew picnics could be this elusive and exclusive?!

Dîner en Blanc is the creme de la creme of picnics - the Prince of Picnics, if you will.

Every year a select few New Yorkers gather together in a secret location for an all-white Parisian themed picnic dinner party.

Just like a true picnic, you have to bring everything from the tables, to the chairs, to the food yourself.

This is an opportunity for New Yorkers to show off their creativity with stunning table settings, and mouthwatering dishes that somehow still manage to look Food Network ready even after traveling all the way to the dinner's secret location.

Before you start searching Pinterest for table setting ideas, it's important to keep in mind one of the ultimate rules for Dîner en Blanc: all tables, chairs, decorations, and attire must be white.

New York City is the absolute place to be when it comes to themed parties - and those attending Dîner en Blanc will definitely be taking this theme to the max.

Now, if there's one thing we love, it's a secret party. New York is prime for searching for secret bars and restaurants, but searching for this picnic is no easy feat.


The location of Dîner en Blanc is only announced in advanced to those who register to attend. The location is revealed to the general public only minutes before the event is set to start, preventing as many picnic crashers as possible.

When it comes to getting a ticket to Dîner en Blanc, we can only help you so much.

You can sign up to register for the dinner on their event page, but that'll only get you onto a waiting list. If you manage to snag a spot on the guest list, you'll receive an invitation code.

Admission is $32 if you arrange to get there yourself - but keep in mind, you're carrying a table, chairs, and meal with you. 


If you're not sure that you can keep that souffle you worked so hard on safe during the journey to the dinner, you can opt to head over on a chartered bus, but that'll bump up your admission fee to $61.

Our advice for tackling Dîner en Blanc? Have fun, go nuts - make the wildest picnic appropriate white hat you can think of. 

This is a one of a kind event that allows you to take your creativity to the wildest of places, so don't let that opportunity slide.

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