Contrary to popular belief, St. Patty's day is not just about gathering around a keg of Guinness and drinking like there's no tomorrow.

In only 4 days, more than 150,000 New Yorkers will march in the city's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. Why a big*ss parade is going down on a Friday? Who knows. 

Whether you're planning on joining in or are devising your own escape plan in case you get caught in the mayhem of midtown, we gotchu.

As reported by Curbed NY, the 256th anniversary of the parade begins at 11:00AM and will conclude around 4:30PM. 

If you're just itching to flaunt your Irish heritage (or pseudo-Irish heritage), you can follow the group from the corner of 5th Ave. & E. 44th St. uptown to 5th Ave. & 79th. 

Pro-tip: They'll be passing by the recently renovated St. Patrick's Cathedral, so don't forget to check it out (it's pretty hard to miss).

We won't know the official street closures until closer to the parade, but for our fellow apathetic individuals cringing at the thought of making it through the hordes of inebriated college students and screaming children, we would probz just steer clear of the whole Upper East Side and Midtown.


TBH, we might just stay inside.

But if you must venture out into the masses, hopefully this route map will save you a bit of sanity:

We hope you have with you the luck o' the Irish no matter where you'll be celebrating this year's festivities! 

[via Curbed NY][Feature Image Courtesy newyorktours]