Looking to plan out your weekend but not exactly the Halloween fanatic type? Hey, look, we get it—the holiday is next Tuesday, after all!

We SUPPOSE that's okay, to each their own right? Anyway, there's some awesome, non-Halloween events going down this weekend that we are very excited for.

Take some shots and do some painting, or check out this unique photography exhibit featuring adorable pit pulls accessorized with flower arrangements!

Thursday, October 26th

Uptown Forever: Ladies Night


Ladies, this one's for you! Check out this Ladies Night Bash, TONIGHT at Dyckman Bar at 221 Dyckman Street. With special musical guests, a live DJ, games, and of course, drinks galore! All you gotta do is RSVP here!  

Friday, October 27th 

Open Bar Henny N Paint


The wine & paint evenings are always nice and relaxing, but this is taking it to the next level. At Open Bar, Henny & Paint, instead of some classy merlot, you'll kick off the class with a shot to ease the nerves, followed by unlimited amounts of Hennessy for the remainder of the evening. Hennything is possible.

This is the kind of liquid courage we really need to bring out that inner Monet. Reserve tickets here for tonight or any night this weekend!

Saturday, October 28th

Winter Village


It's not even Halloween yet, but we're not complaining that the Bryant Park Winter Village kicks off this Saturday! While you may have been before in the past, you'll definitely want to make your way over there this year to check out the 176 vendors who will be participating. Yeah, you heard that right. And there are a bunch we're already VERY amped about. 

Pit Bull Flower Power


This is a perfect example of how NYC encompasses an incredibly wide, eclectic spectrum of art. French artist, Sophie Gamand's photography focuses on dogs, as a form of animal advocacy and highlighting of animal relationships. 

Though she's not the photographer you call you photograph your dog for a framed picture to hang over your fireplace, she travels around the world documenting shelter dogs in a beautiful light, raising awareness of their potential fate in order to help them get adopted. For this particular show, she focuses on Pit Bulls, whom she feels are marginalized and demonized by society.

Check out her exhibit this Weekend, 1 PM Saturday or Sunday @ The Invisible Dog Center, 51 Bergen Street in Brooklyn.

Black Art Matters

This exciting international art tour is creating a platform for artists of color, showcasing their talents through a variety of mediums. The purpose of the event is to support and unite people around the work and create connections and networking for rising talent.

Tickets are only $15, and this weekend is your last chance to catch the show @ the Industrial warehouse district, 16 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Wine Fest


Wine not check this out?? Experience your own personal wine tour, with tasting from around the world, all right here in Brooklyn. Get your all access pass for unlimited wine samples, delicious food vendors, and live musical entertainment.

Get your tickets here for one (or both) of the sessions, we don't judge! It's all going down @ Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble Street in Brooklyn.

Cider Feast


If your favorite part of fall is a crisp glass of this seasonal drink, we have got some great news for you! The Brooklyn Kitchen at 100 Frost Street is hosting an epic gathering devoted to the beverage. Along with samples of a bunch of different varieties and some yummerific small bites, the event will feature a special demo from Gidon Coll of Original Sin, the first annual Steve Wood "SCION" award, and live music by Dusty Wright and band. Grab a ticket now!

Sunday, October 29th

NY TV Festival


The NYTVF works to connect and inspire communities to become involved and in support of independent television creators, offering opportunities for community artists to connect with TV networks and professionals. 

Their annual festival is happening currently in Manhattan, and will continue into this weekend. The event hosts thousands of independent, undiscovered artists, as well industry leaders, holding screenings and discussions about the works.

This should be an exclusive and exciting opportunity to see some up-and-coming talent that has yet to really take flight. Get your tickets

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