We're Giving Away the Daily Essentials Needed to Take On Any Job

Let’s be real: life isn’t always perfect. Your car breaks down, your flight gets delayed, your phone runs out of battery, your gadgets break. 

And it always seems like the worst things happen at the worst times. 

But now you can be prepared for any of that and more.

 We’re giving away The Everyday Carry pack which will have you strapped in, locked and loaded, and good to go. No matter what goes down, you’re ready to fix it. Stop saying, "Aww sh*t!" and start saying "Yo, bring it on."

The Everyday Carry makes you a one-man, modern Macgyver. 

It includes a thin charge iPhone 6 battery case, a flameless USB travel lighter, a traveler paracord watch, a nano tool, EDC card, and KeySmart bottle opener, all inside the handsome, sixteen inch travel backpack. 

The nano tool is a lightweight combo of screwdriver, ruler, wrench and socket so you can fix anything that breaks, anywhere you go. 

The stainless steel Keysmart holds up to eight keys, attaches anywhere with the hook and rocks a bottle opener for celebrating once you make it back to safety.



The flameless lighter is even TSA approved so you won’t have to ditch it when you catch a flight. And the paracord watch band is strong enough to strap you in for any emergency. 

All this could be yours for completely free so enter now. Don’t wait until you’re already in panic mode, have this backpack with you before the worst goes down. 

You’ll look like a total badass in the meantime and be the hero when the time is right. Enter the giveaway right here

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