Winter's Almost Over: 9 Ways to Make the Last Weekend of February Amazing in NYC

Ready to turn up for the weekend? That's right, we're already talking about the weekend. Get prepared.

We're talking a Summer in Winter party, with surf lessons and giveaways. We're talking the chance to sample beer that hasn't even been released yet, as a part of New York Beer Week.

This weekend in New York City there are plays, art tours, and butterfly exhibits.

This weekend is going to be, in a word, incredible. Were you wondering how you were going to spend your weekend this weekend? 

Look no further, because we've compiled the best weekend events in the city for you below. You're welcome.

Friday, February 26th

1. NY Beer & Cheese Night (311 East 60th Street)


It's NYC Beer Week which means a city-wide celebration of craft beer. It also means that lots of breweries are pairing up with distributors to put on excellent beer-related events.

On Friday, The Jeffrey is holding NY Beer & Cheese Paring Night which means there will be craft beer prepared by St. James' Brewery, paired up with cheese from Murray's Cheese.


Given that we consider beer and cheese some of the most lovely substances to have ever graced our tongues, we're pretty ecstatic about this pairing.

If you're into it, get to The Jeffrey between 4:20 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Friday. Feel free to indulge in all the beer and cheese you can stand.

2. As You Like It (115 Macdougal Street)


Shakespeare was a pretty famous playwright, have you heard of him?

We're kidding. We know you've heard of him. However, we're not sure you've been getting the most out of this culturally, artistically vibrant city you live in.

The solution? Come see As You Like It at the Players Theatre on Friday at 7 p.m. You'll get yourself a healthy dose of culture, and you'll do a lot of laughing, too.

Seriously, the play is about mischief, misunderstanding, and of course love. Plus, there's a lot great poetry. If you want to impress a date with your cultural prowess, this is definitely the move. Grab your tickets here.

Saturday, February 27th

3. Futura Noir (508 West 26th Street)

On Saturday, February 27th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Rogue Space in Chelsea, Futura Noir is back, and better than ever.

Oh, you've never been to a Futura Noir event before? Well, let us catch you up. Futura Noir is a curated series of artwork and art events by the Culture LP. It embodies the rich yet dark history, resistance, and future of the black existence.

So, it's pretty artistically transcendent, mind-blowing, and definitely the best way for you to spend your Saturday.

You'll see work by Imani SR, whose recent series "Still Miseducated" was inspired by the lyrics of Lauryn Hill, and are visually parallel to the "Roots" of black existence.

You'll also see the most recent work from Ronald Draper, who will display mixed media collages inspired by Civil Rights Greats.

Finally, you've got to check out the work of Daniel Hibbert: it's his first time working with the Culture LP, and he'll be showing large scale mixed media work in parallel to a musical experience.

You could use some artistic inspiration, right? We thought so. Get your tickets here.

4. Snowshoe and Whiskey Tasting


Trying to get out of the city? Trying to get into some gorgeous wilderness where you trek around on mountains in snowshoes, and toss back some delicious whiskey afterward?

Yeah, this day trip sounds pretty excellent to us, too.

Attend the Snowshoe and Whiskey Tasting. There you'll buy round-trip transportation from the Starbucks in Union Square to the Shawangunks Mountain where there's plenty of beautiful mountain views and delicious whiskey.


You'll snowshoe six miles through the stunning Minnewaska Preserve, and then visit New York state's only distillery that's open to the public. There, you'll sample three whiskeys and vodkas of your selection.

The perfect Saturday? Yeah, we thought so, too. Get tickets here, and then meet in front of Starbucks at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday.

5. Brooklyn Graffiti Tour (62 White Street - Brooklyn)

It's not a secret that within the borough of Brooklyn resides some of the most beautiful street-art on the whole planet.

If you're wondering where all the graffiti hotspots in the city are; if you'd like to spend a day gazing at some really stellar art, then you should check out the Brooklyn Graffiti Tour.

If you take part in this Brooklyn Graffiti Tour, you'll meet in the Gilbert Ramirez Park in East Williamsburg on Saturday, February 27th at 1:45 p.m.

The tour lasts two hours, and throughout, you'll feast your eyes on some of the best street art on abandoned warehouses and apartment buildings in Bushwick. Wear comfortable shoes, and don't be late. Get your tickets here.


6. The Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Blvd - the Bronx)

Spring is coming. It's not here yet, but it's on its way.

If you can't wait until actual spring to be dazzled by an array of flowers, then come to the opening of the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden on Saturday.


The show will fill the conservatory at the Garden with thousands and thousands of orchids in an incredible variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.

You'll also get to take a journey through orchid collecting history, in this year's 14th Installment of this exhibit. It'll open on Saturday at 10 a.m., and will remain open all day Saturday until 6 p.m. Get your tickets here.

Sunday, February 28th

7. Eighth Grade (94 Saint Marks Place)

Looking for some culture? We thought you might be.

If you want to see some of the theater NYC is so famous for staging, but you're not interested in Broadway prices, we've got the best idea for your Sunday.

Part of NYC's FRIGID Festival, Eighth Grade is a hilarious, slightly dark, deeply emotional play. It runs for 55 minutes, and it's being staged at UNDER St. Marks, at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Take a visit of the mind of an eighth grader, live as he does through his yearbook, and watch him lose his optimism and fade into the jaded realms of self-discovery.

Grab a pal that also great theater, and get your tickets here.

8. Summer in Winter Party (125 East 11th Street)


Yeah, we're talking about Beer Week some more. Beer has been responsible for some of our most fun times, so why wouldn't we take the time to celebrate a week of it?

We thought you'd be into it. So on Sunday, the Brooklyn Brewery is hosting their Summer in Winter party at Webster Hall from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m.


There will be prizes and giveaways, surf lessons, a photo booth (because if it's not on Instagram... it didn't happen).

You'll also get the chance to sample American Ale and Bel Air, Brooklyn Brewery's newest creations, before they debut this spring. Oh, did we mention your first beer is free? We didn't? Well, your first beer is free. Grab your tickets here.

9. The Butterfly Conservatory at the Museum of Natural History (Central Park West and 79th Street)

Okay, so the Museum of Natural History is incredible. It's got a planetarium where you can watch the latest installation by Neil deGrasse Tyson: Digital Universe.

While you're there, why not check out butterflies from three of the five known butterfly families at the Butterfly Conservatory at the Museum of Natural History.

It's open until May 29th, but we figured this Sunday was as good a day as any to be completely immersed in, and astounded by, the world of butterflies.

This exhibit is incredible, and you'll obviously learn a ton about the wondrous species that are butterflies. Grab your tickets here, and bring a friend who will be just as astounded as you.

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