8 Absolute Essentials to Help You Get Through This Weekend's Polar Vortex in NYC

You probably noticed it was unbelievably cold outside today. Bad news, New York City. That cold, made only worse by an absurd windchill, will not be letting up this weekend at all.

That's right, NYC. We're getting geared up for a record-breaking cold polar vortex this weekend. You ready?

We definitely have some ideas about how you can gear up. Our main tip: stay inside. 

NYC is the land of delivery, and you can have pretty much everything you'll need to make it through brought right to your door.

You can get delivery food, delivery drinks, delivery cleaning services, delivery laundry services, personally curated wine, and a really friendly weather report.

That, our friends, is how you survive this weekend's subzero tundra. We've got specifics on it for you below. Enjoy.

1. Comfortable underwear

meundies Goodnight πŸ’€ @ammish #KeithHaring #MeUndies

Cuddling is great. What's even better? Cuddling wearing MeUndies, the world's most comfortable underwear.

Okay, we know what you're thinking. Yeah, cuddling wearing lots of clothes is warm, but there's something called body heat, and that helps. That makes cuddling wearing underwear necessary.


Plus, they've got really warm lounge pants and lounge socks too, plus a really warm French terry hoody. Check it out. You'll be much warmer, we swear.

2. On-demand laundry

cleanly πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆLast chance to win!πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Doing laundry in New York City stinks, particularly in the middle of a blizzard...sNOw thanks, amirite?? We’ve teamed up with @flatrate_moving so you can take a load off! Comment below with your best guess for the weight of this week’s laundry load (in lbs.) and you’ll be entered to win. [details in the link in our bio]

Okay, so you definitely want to get your laundry done this weekend. We know the deal. The weekend is like your only chance to get your laundry done.

However, it's going to be below zero this weekend. Like, a million degrees below zero. So hauling your laundry bag over your shoulder and trekking to the laundromat is not a good look.

What is a good look? Get Cleanly to your door in a couple of taps. All you do is schedule a pickup, hand it off to a valet, and receive your folded clothes the next day. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Do you have fancy clothes that need to be dry cleaned? Perfect. There's FlyCleaners for that, and it's the same idea. You tap a couple of times, someone will come and get your clothes, and they'll wash them to your specifications and return them clean the next day.

So, yeah, basically, don't leave your apartment to get your clothes cleaned this weekend.

3. Bars with fireplaces

inkychaotics I'll be here by the fire for the rest of the day. πŸ”₯❄️ #socoldout #fireplace #firepretty #winterbad

If you must venture into the arctic tundra this weekend and drink at a drinking establishment, we recommend you do it at a cozy one, with a roaring fireplaces.

Yes, these sorts of bars exist in NYC.

There's Scholbred's, the little Scottish-pub-away-from-Scotland, and they've got a cozy fireplace for you to warm up beside.


There's Molly's on Third Avenue, and they've got really cozy booths which make it extremely snug to sit near the fire and enjoy drinks and a winter feast.

There's Harlem Public and Lexington Bar and Books and Art Bar. Yes, it's a bummer that NYC apartments have no fireplaces, but at least our bars do.

4. Delivery food

tarahfo After some weeks, you just have to order some ridiculously expensive #BlueRibbon #friedchicken from #Caviarapp. I deserve it. #perfection

Exiting your apartment to acquire sustenance when it's Antarctica outside is not a good look. Seamless is cool, but not all the good spots are on Seamless.

Where do you turn when you want a taco from Dos Toros? A kitchen sink from The Meatball Shop? A pastrami sandwich from 2nd Ave Deli? A 'ShroomBurger from Shake Shack?

Well, you turn to PostMates of course. If it starts to get too hot in your apartment from your unceasing radiator, you can always have PostMates bring you some Pinkberry, too. The point is, there's no need to step into the icy cold and cruel winds to acquire sustenance this weekend.

You could also turn to Caviar. They've got delicious delivery delicacies from Amali, Bar Primi, Blue Ribbon Chicken, Bleecker Street Pizza, Beecher's Handmade Cheese, and many more.


5. Delivery drinks

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Heard of liquid blankets? Yeah, alcohol is definitely a good look for staying warm during the polar vortex. You know we're right.

The thing is, you can't be putting on your coat, hat, gloves, fuzzy socks, boots, and sweaters just to go outside and get a handle of whiskey, can't you?


That's why there's MiniBar. They'll bring you all the drinks you need, and they'll do it within an hour. You feel like you need to pour six Bud Lights down your throat in rapid succession this weekend? Yeah, we all feel that urge every once in a while.

Tap a couple times on MiniBar, and watch the delivery alcohol pile up. This polar vortex can't get you down. Download the Minibar app here

6. Personally curated wine

glassful Thanks @psanders_nyc for your kind words. #winegift #redredwinestayclosetome

Do you hate decisions? Decisions are the worst. Decisions do nothing but create anxiety.

If you don't want to actually pick out your own wine, but you want to be always trying new wines, Glassful can help. 

For $54 every month, they'll deliver three bottles to your door matched specially to your tastes. So you'll always be tasting new and delicious wines that'll make you swoon, but you'll never actually have to pick them out yourself.

Obviously, fine, international wines can also help with that liquid blanket we discussed earlier. Actually, there's really nothing to help get you through subzero temperatures than a really high quality wine, right? Check out Glassful right here

7. Home cleaning and handymen 

handy_hq Are you following @Handy on Twitter? We've got a sweet campaign running on Twitter for Valentine's Day... Tune in to find out more!

The weekend is typically the time you get all your apartment stuff done, right? Let's be real. You're way too busy during the week to actually dust your shelves or mop your floors.

The problem? You need cleaning supplies, and acquiring cleaning supplies would mean, you know, leaving.


Luckily, there's Handy, and that means no leaving allowed. We mean it. Click a couple of times and Handy will send expert home cleaners and handymen at a moment's notice.

They'll screw in your lightbulbs, hammer up your full length mirror, and make your floors shine. They'll do all this while you relax and cuddle under your warm blankets. That's how you survive a polar vortex in style. Download Handy right here

8. Knowing the weather

Okay, so there may be a point when you actually want to (gasp!) leave your apartment. Yeah, it sounds awful to us too, but it might happen.

You might want to meet your friends for drinks at a heated rooftop bar or you might want to meet them at their apartment. 

Regardless, we recognize that humans cannot forever stay in apartments, as much as we wish they could. The point is, when you do leave, you'll want to know just how absurd it is outside. For that, you'll need the friendly kitty weather app Poncho.

It'll even play you a song that corresponds with the weather, and let you know how the weather will affect your hair, so, yeah. It's basically the best weather app ever. Download the Poncho weather app here

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[Feature Image Courtesy AccuWeather] 

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