Good old ramen. If you're like us and this tasty dish was one of your dorm room staples, you might have a chance to finally put all those slurping skills to good use!

On Monday October 9th, Jersey City venue Ani's Ramen House will be hosting a ramen eating contest!

While there is a $50 entry fee, all proceeds will go towards the charity No Kid Hungry– and the prize, an all-inclusive chef's taste dinner for 10, is valued at $1,000. Runner ups will also receive gift cards to the restaurant. 

You can sign up to try your hand at this tasty endeavor by emailing by October 2nd.


Located at 218 Newark Avenue and boasting another location in Montclair, this trendy eatery aims to offer "a modern, casual interpretation" of their favorite Tokyo dishes. 

They aim to offer a "unique and vibrant atmosphere" in which to enjoy their carefully curated combinations of noodles, broth, and ingredients. 


Even if you don't have the stomach for quite as much ramen as it would take to nab the grand prize, sounds like it could be worth a trip!

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]