How about that finale, amiright?

It's rather brilliant and cruel of them to leave us in this frozen state of uncertainty, isn't it?

Despite what our name might suggest, we're not here to spoil anything for you. But if you're late to that train might we suggest a binge this fall? Might we offer up our favorite cozy binge pants (we all have 'em) so that you might better devour all the season's juicy moments in one sitting?

Don't binge too fast, though. Rumors are flying about that we won't see the return of our favorite bada$$ characters Jon Snow and Dany T. until the spring of 2019. That's a long stretch of time to ask us to wait after THAT stuff just went down leaving us all #triggeredforlife. 


But don't drop your heads in despair just yet! Series soundtrack composer and sound genius Ramin Djawadi is bringing us a live concert extravaganza next year for all of our GoT needs. 

The Game of Thrones Concert Experience has already been kicking off around Europe and is making its way to Madison Square Garden (10/3/18) and the Prudential Center (9/26/18) next year. 

The event will feature larger than life video projections of our favorite GoT scenes plus a full orchestra to really get you ready for the long wait ahead of us. Not to mention the possibility of top list celebs that might be stopping by (Serj Tankian of System of a Down stopped by as did The National's Matt Berninger). 

We can't think of a better way to spend our time while waiting patiently for our GoT fam to grace our living rooms. We're getting our tickets NOW because they are definitely going to sell out!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out]